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World's best beaches


Free Spirit
Staff member
With its turquoise waters and lush green cliffs, the Fernando de Noronha archipelago, off the Brazilian coast, is home to the world's top beach according to TripAdvisor user reviews.

Brazil's Baia do Sancho tops list of world's best beaches
Here is a list of the worlds top beaches and if your vacation plans involve going to the beach this may give you some ideas of where to go. Only one beach in the US made the list and it was in Kailua Hawaii.

I have never been to a great beach, the only one I have been to was in Galveston Texas and it sucked. Which we never went there to go to the beach we were visiting a family member.

I was wondering what type of beaches you have been to and what you thought of them? Do you think their list is accurate? Would you add a different beach to their list?
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Son of Liberty
I've been to the beach in Galveston and I loved it. I've also been to the beach in Corpus Christi and South Padre Island, since I live about an hour from there. I've spent a lot of time at SPI and still go a couple of times a year. In high school I practically lived there, I would go surfing very often. I've also been to the beach in Santa Monica, which is very nice, then again I'm a beach person and love the beach no matter what.


Free Spirit
Staff member
I must of been in the wrong place or the wrong time then because I didn't know the area at all. The place I was at had lots of dead fish all over the beach. If it hadn't been for the dead fish it would have been nice.


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I have been to one on that list,no 9 in Wales,and it was really nice.
Brighton is the nearest beach to me but I don't even think I'd class it as a beach,it just pebbles the size of your fist.

Great Yarmouth has a nice beach, I spent many holidays there as a kid as it's my father's home town, the beach is 15 miles of sand,so it's easy to find a place to sit.

The only other beach I've been to is Puerto vallarta Mexico,it was stunning and I spent many hours walking the shore line.


Registered Member
I am from California originally. There is plenty of snow in Illinois. I would not exactly call that white stuff sand. But if it were to be the most coldest and depressing kind of beach I have ever heard of. We have Lake Michigan I have never been there. . whether it is anything like a beach I don’t know.

As for California I have been to Santa Cruz Beach and boardwalk and rides. The beach aspect not too much of a big deal except to see the ocean when your in the amusement areas. The beach part is pretty simple. Its been a long time. But I don't remember any trees or such as that being around. . think they were just beginning to outlaw glass bottles. . For the surfers I suppose it was a good beach to be at.

There were some fishing over at the dock. The boardwalk has the giant dipper caster and some other rides. Our Grampa used to bring all of us there. At lunch we went to his station wagon to have lunch meat sandwiches and this 1 liter glass Pepsi. yep and those old styrofoam cups. I mean Pepsi taste then was at its best. Now Pepsi is kind of watery taste.

After lunch back to the rides. I did not spend much time on this beach but rather in the arcade area. Drop me off there and I am set for the day. Grampa gave me five dollars. They have a merry go round where you grab these rings and throw them into the clown. That was the most fun part of that ride. Of course you need to be on the outside to grab the rings this machine automatically played some kind of organ piano music. . also there were games like dime throwing to win dishes. So many fun memories growing up.

Next is San Francisco Ocean Beach. Boy is this water freezing. I really don’t know how these surfers can stand being in this water. I tried to go in but it was just too cold for me. So my brother Kenny and I took the frisbee up the top of this hill thing.. there was a restaurant with some video games. I played a few over there. There were several people surfing but I don't think the beach was crowded at this time. . been here a couple of times.

Next is Seal Beach. I did not spend any time on the beach. but we look around at the people that had stands set up shirts necklaces and other things to buy. The area was pretty nice and clean. This is a more upscale area of Calif.

Next is Laguna
Maybe I am wrong but the beach did not seem that big to me. . unless I was in a certain part of the area. We went down to go on the sand and look at the water it just seemed like a little beach on a windy day. I would not imagine this as a favorite hang out. Unless you like to go to the shops near by. . This is another upscale area. This is in Orange County.

I was once at this place called the Cove. Its kind of a beach. But what is surprising is there are rocks on the bottom. I had a baptism done here. I told Joe I wanted something different than a swimming pool version. I felt God to be more important than a swimming pool baptism. . This was not easy. Joe had to wait for the water to calm down. As Joe and I were heading back a wave came rolling and knocked us both down on our knees. We hit the rocks. . Joe's skin was as light as snow. Me pretty much white but not as extreme. Maybe because I was outside walking more. I’m pretty light when I am not in the sun for a while. We also stopped at a hamburger place that eventually closed down. . They were better than Burger King or other hamburger fast food.

Last is Newport Beach. I was not interested in the sandy part of the beach. But all the fun shops right next to the beach and attempts to be like Santa Cruz they don't have the room room. They would need to condemn some of these other places near by to make it an amusement park. I mean there were a couple rides at Newport. There are souvenir shops all around. Restaurants and things to do in this area. . its fun day at Newport.

But I warn anyone. Its not a good place to live. I heard on the weekends that big crowds will trap you in the area by their parking. They really will block some renters pathways etc. Some are not sure why the police are letting them get away. . I guess because it is partly tourists. . Scare the tour sits and less tickets to write. . the police have a field day when the crowds come in.

Oh yeah they have this cool ferry also that goes from Balboa to Newport. You can even park your car on this one. These are the best beaches in the world? Probably not. But its much better than no beach at all. :nod:


Registered Member
I have been to Whitehaven. I was a bit young when I went there... I can remember it but I guess maybe at the time I didn't appreciate I was at the 5th best beach in the world :D

I can't really judge the list because I've only been to one. I even had to look up Turks and Caicos Islands... never heard of the place :-o

I think these lists are always a bit hit and miss though. I mean, there are many great beaches in the world and a lot of it comes down to personal preference anyway. Still though it's fun to look at a list like this.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
I've been to a couple of beaches in Florida...Destin, Cocoa Beach, etc. They were nice from what I remember. Destin being better.

Also been to Virginia Beach, Virginia when I was really young; it was cool.

Los Angeles was fine as well.

I guess I haven't been to a bad one, per say


No Custom Title Exists
I am surprised that Australia doesn't have more than one beach on that list considering we are surrounded by sea and sand.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
I've been to beaches in the Caribbean, Florida, Hawaii, the Atlantic coast, and France, as well as some on the Great Lakes. Some of them were better than others, but I've never been to any of the beaches on that list, so I can't compare them to "the world's best."

White sand, crystal clear water, and palm trees are nice, but I'll enjoy any beach that can offer some solitude.