World works in weird ways


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I didn't really know where to put this but I wanted to know if something similiar has happened to anyone else...

Back some ten years ago my family got HBO for free. We got cable and they accidentally gave it to us so I got to see alot of different movies. Eventually they figured it out and took it away but that's not the point.

Anyways, yesterday I was daydreaming and out of the blue remembered this random movie I used to see a ton back when we had HBO. I remembered Charlie Seen was in it and it was about aliens and how he found out they were living among us. And Something about him going to Mexico. It was a really random thought and I honestly had not thought about this movie for about 10 years and had never seen it since.

Well, about 3 hours later I'm flipping through the channels and I kid you not that damn movie was on TBS. It was called, "The Arrival," and it was made in like 1996 or something. It just boggles my mind how the world works sometimes. Why did I randomly think of this crappy movie that I hadn't seen or even THOUGHT ABOUT for ten years and then the damn thing was on TV the same day?

This happen to anybody else before? Freaked me the hell out haha.


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The Pagemaster. When I was a kid, it was my favorite movie but it had been a long, long time since I had seen it until last year. I was sitting here and remembered there was a movie with this kid who gets stuck in a library.. then it all turned cartoony. I could not remember for the life of me what it was called, who was in it, etc. I was flipping through the higher channels and there it was. I was like WTF.


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That happens to me fairly frequently, and I love it.

I got called to jury duty back in January, but I couldn't do it because of my classes. I sent the required forms from my school, I was given a postponement and didn't have to report. I had a dream last Thursday morning just before I woke up that I got a letter from the court that said "eff you, you have to serve now". When I went to my mail box that afternoon, sure enough there was a letter from the court clerk that said my postponement was over and I had to report in June.

ysabel and I have a word for phenomena like that - we call it "ovcoarse". lol. I think that came about because we both started IM'ing each other about Barbiegirl, probably on more than one occasion, and we annexed her ridiculous spelling error.
I was talking to some randomer in a chatroom a very long time ago, and he or she was telling me how they had a friend who had experienced an alien encounter one time. They gave all kinds of interesting details. One of which was to describe the aliens' appearance... it was something like huge grey praying mantis. Anyway, I randomly turn around at that very moment to see my muted TV screen showing an episode of what I THINK was the Simpsons (I didn't even know it was on and I never even use that TV usually) where aliens land, and sure enough, they look like huge grey praying mantis. I have never come across that episode since, and it's too difficult to search for a pic because of those frequently used aliens in The Simpsons (kang and kodos or whatever) being so popular. It wasn't those two, haha.


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ysabel and I have a word for phenomena like that - we call it "ovcoarse". lol. I think that came about because we both started IM'ing each other about Barbiegirl, probably on more than one occasion, and we annexed her ridiculous spelling error.
A friend of mine and I have similar terms for weird coincidences. For example, it once happened when we were chatting on ICQ that ICQ would show an ad below the typing window that showed a cap with an airscrew attached to it, and the line "propellerhead". My friend didn't consciously notice it, but would later, when he was at my place, after the ad was long gone, just say "propellerhead" out of the blue, explaining he had no idea how this word came to his mind (he has ADD and sometimes just says random words). I told him it was from the ad on ICQ -- he thought I was pulling his leg, he really didn't remember the ad. So I opened the ICQ window several times, until the ad was on. He was frightened the ad could enter his subconsciousness so easily.

Ever since then, we call random words or concepts, which we have subconsciously perceived without consciously noticing them "propellerheads". :lol:
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Happy coincidence is happy. You can't live in a world full of complex variables without encountering 'fortuitous statistical anomalies' which, though predicted mathematically, can appear guided by an unseen hand.

But there is a limit, and when far-out happenings became virtually a part of daily life for me recently, it strained my imagination to the breaking point to suppose that the universe or whatever wasn't trying to tell me something.
This happened today. I was looking at a clients policy, trying to figure out why the premium was higher than quoted, then I received an email on the same person, and while reading that, the policyholder called about something totally different.


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I have the curse where I'll buy a DVD that I havent seen for ages and it will be on TV that night or a few nights afterwards. Depressing, but I'm a collector at heart so it's all good.


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It happened to me quite oftend when I used to work at my grocery store. I used to sing a song in my head and the very next song was the one I was singing in . The first time it happened I was telling everyone how amazing I was lol, but it happened a few times after that and no reaction really came out of it.


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One time I spent about 6 months trying to figure out who sang "I had too much to dream last night". I finally went to a record store and looked it up (this was ages before the Internet). The next day it came on the radio.

(the Electric Prunes, btw)