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World War II

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blue 3
Wow this is sad. Alright there are two ways the United States can be considered the victors of WW2. First off, we ended the war after we bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Japan surrendered after Hitler had already gave up. Japan was the last country to surrender, so thats the way the United STates effectively won the war.

Also the United States, as Piccolo mentioned, was shipping weapons, arms, ammunition, food, etc..etc..etc.. into Europe before they were "involved." Thats the other way people can state that the U.S. won the war. It can be argued that the U.S gave Europe the equipment it needed to hold of Hitler until USSR kicked his mustache loving butt home.

However, the United States is entirely too glorified in this subject. I mean the historians, well the US historians, make it seem as the United States was an angel sent from God to purge Europe of its evil inhabitants, and save humanity. ::)

Look at all the numbers in WW2. The U.S did not contriubte nearly as much as any other nation effected by WW2. Also: the U.S. came into the war, like Piccolo said, after USSR had already put a beating on HItler. So congrats to the U.S. for beating a wounded enemy. I agree with Piccolo, the only credit we really get to maintain is the fact that we won the Pacific Theater.

The Europe theater goes to USSR more so than ourselves.

Anonym0uz Bitch

Exactly, I did not say that the United States did not help, but everyone here in America seems to think that the United States was soley responsible for the winning of World War II. The Pacific Theater was all us, that is easily seen, but in Europe the US really did not do nearly as much as the USSR did, and the USSR paid a heavy toll for pushing Germany back to Berlin. I believe they Soviets lost around 30 million soldiers and civilians during World War II. The US sent SOME supplies to the Soviets, but not nearly as much as was sent to England. The Soviets just industrialized overnight basically, and began to overwhelm Nazi Germany with there massive industrial complex that they created. If you out produce your enemy, then eventually you will beat them.