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World Series

Who will win the World Series

  • Colorado Rockies

    Votes: 3 100.0%
  • Boston Red Sox

    Votes: 0 0.0%

  • Total voters
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Heavy Weapons Guy
Rockies will take it. Ya, it would be cool for them to get their first World Series win


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
Sox might win two, or even three games in the series, but the Rockies have it by far.

Why? Their entire bullpen has averaged somewhere around 2.50 ERA the entire postseason.


Registered Member
I;m taking the Red Sox in seven games. Overall, the soxs are a better talented team and what keep the Rockies in it is their hot streak. Not quite sure how the long rest will play out. Also, the weather can play a huge factor as it's snowing in Colorado. It's going to be great series regardless.


Registered Member
I can't believe how badly the Rockies got clobered in game 1 after beeing consistantly hot playing into the post-season. Then again, the Cubs were red-hot in September and were swept by Arizona and their rookies. $150,000,000 worth of new stars, same results, choke. I can't believe Lou Pinella yanked Big Z in game one and his excuse was he wanted to save him for game four. There wasn't even a game four! Oh, sorry, back on track here, about the WS I'm going for the Red Sox, not just because they're 2-0 in the series so far, but after they won the WS the Chicago White Sox won it all the following year. So I'm hoping history will repeat itself. As for the White Sox, hey today is October 26th, it's been exactly two years since they won the World Series. Okay, I gotta go out and get hammered now ... :lol:


Secret Agent
Staff member
I'm pulling for the Rockies as well, but so far it's not looking too good. They really should have taken yesterday's game. It was so close and they had 2 people on bases, with a guy even on third when they got their last out. A home run would have done it too.

Either way, the Red Sox deserved the win. They held their ground and played strong. (Not even mentioning their pitching.. which was hard to bat against for sure)

Anyway, I think the Rockies will do better during these next 2 games at home. If they don't then they are in trouble. As it stands it looks like even if they do win the World Series they will have to do it in Boston and not with their fans.
Well the 3rd game is over and the Rockies really did not do very well at all. It was 6 to 1 until Holliday had a homerun in the 7th which brought in 2 additional runs. The Red Sox upped the score to 9 to 5 in the 8th inning, and packed it in even more with a 10th run in the 9th. There was a decent play at the end of the 9th but it didn't pan out.

Final score: 10 to 5, Red Sox.

I'd say the Rockies need more than a miracle to win now. One more win by the Red Sox and that's all she wrote.
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I am Heavy Weapons Guy
The Boston Red Sox dominated in the World Series. It was great. I was born near Boston, I am glad that they beat the Rockies in the first four games.


Registered Member
I was rootin for the Rockies, but those 8 days off have to come into play.

The hottest team (21 wins in 22 games) ran into a hotter team. I wanted my D-backs to make it (BTW the 1 loss, VS AZ) but they got steamrolled by the Rockies. I think there downfall was the 8 days and trying to coin the term Rocktober. Those players should have been playin against each other everyday IMO. not just twice, but EVERYDAY

Congrats to the Redsox for there second WS in a few years. (after 86 years of futility, and Bill Buckner).. Do we have a new dynasty in baseball... have the Yanks been outdone?


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
I think that we'll see a new team win it next year. The Indians are a very young team, and will have grown from this. No not mention the Yankees and their spending, and the Sox losing a good bit of players to free agency.