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World Record High Dive


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
That's nuts, why would anyone even attempt something like that is beyond me. I've jumped from high cliffs before but I would never try that jump that's for sure.


Internet Dig Dug
Well we have officially learned that this guy in the video is insane. I would never do anything similar to that in any way. Though I do find it great that he did at least break a record so it's not like he was just jumping that high for the hell of it or trying to see if he'd mess up and get killed.


Registered Member
I cant even imagine what sort of mess he would be in if he made a mistake.
That is some crazy stunt to pull, I am not afraid of heights and have worked in a crane at around 140 feet and I can tell you when I got down I needed to change my shorts.

I wonder how long the record will stand.


I'm serious
That was insane. I could barely watch. I thought he was just going to jump straight down, was the flips really necessary?? Insane!!!