World Premiere Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3


Lion Rampant
Off-topic: I wonder who you think could be the President of Secondamendementia that would be strong enough to lead probably twenty percent of gun owners into a finite, victorious battle with not only the rest of us, but also with the always-loyal military and the rest of the world. Yes, the rest of the world would join in as needed. Bring China and Russia and Germany and France and Britain all onto American soil for a nice long counter-insurgency and operation. Having them all here couldn't lead to the socialism that Democrats don't want in the first place, right?

Seriously, give me a name of this magical rebel leader, and it had better start with 'Super' and end with 'man,' or I'm going to warn you that you may be critically disappointed when you try to realize this whole 'one white terrorist nation under God' thing. At the end of the day, I'll call it here; I think it's a non-existent boogeyman that you use (like a lot of things) mostly to get a rise out of people. What say you to this, cousin?


Son of Liberty
Ever go into a thread all giddy and excited thinking its gonna be full of delight and bewilderment. Probably some interesting pics, comments to Rep, punchlines to laugh at, a burn here or there that was some obvious pwnage.

But then when you get there... none of that is really there. Instead its something else that you cant quite wrap your mind around. You're not 100% sure if its a joke or if its serious. Then you wonder to yourself for about 2-3 minutes, weighing the probability of whether or not its one of those serious things that got misplaced in the wrong area.

Then you after about 5 minutes have passed you get to thinking about how near impossible it is to follow or post in said thread. But you still want to, you just dont know how... so it becomes this incredibly awkward situation where you feel like you're letting everyone down by not posting in it... but is it really ok for you to post in it?


ps. The word "Pornography" comes from the Greek meaning "Writings of Prostitutes". Does that mean I can call Evan Stone one of my favorite Authors?