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Hey if anyone wants a 10-day World of Warcraft trial, let me know. On the website you can 'Recruit a Friend' and give them a 10-day trial. If afterwards they decide to buy it, I get 30 free days, so it's a benifit to me that you bought it. I really want those 30 free days lol.



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I don't think I would buy it so I don't want to waste your trial for you. :D

That's a cool idea though and a good way for them to get more subscribers. :)


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I think it's around $12.99 or so for a month of access. That's not bad at all but I jsut wish the expansions were free to current users instead of $50 more like they have been selling for... :(
Yeah me neither. In fact, I have NEVER played it. Not because i think it's shizbut, but because there are certain things about MMO's that i absolutely hate. Here is a short list of them:
1) The term 'N00b'. If you begin an MMO you are immediately referred to as a 'noob'. If people didn't continually begin playing, there would never be noobs, meaning the high level dudes would have nobody to pay-out! That would
be a massive hit to the old self-esteem huh? lol
2) Contradicting paragraph 1, if you are half way up the rank/level ladder, you are STILL a noob to some other guy.
3) The kind of guy that likes to remind you that you are a noob.
4) That kind of guy is normally going to fit into one of the following classes:
a. Teenager. Living at home with parents, forgetting homework and
spending every hour possible online. Has a virtual girlfriend though.
b. The unemployed money bludger. Living with girlfriend or friends (or
family), scabbing as much money and food as possible to support their
online addiction. Known as 'I'll pay you back tomorrow' guy.
c. The uni-student (i think it's college in the u.s.?). Currently studying for
a diploma / certificate in a course they will most likely never finish.
Due to the fact that all their money (earned from part-time work) is
paying for the course, MMO's are the seemingly money efficient method
with which to socialise.
d. The government employed intelligence gatherer. Soldiers and officials
from all around the world play MMO's, and alot of them like to tell
everyone all about their job. So these guys are happy to listen.

So in summary, I don't think the games themselves are bad. Not at all. I just hate the idea of someone with ab-so-lute-ly no life, prancing around online as if the are a spiritual god sent down from the heavens to tell people that they are the man. Let me be the first to tell you - you ain't the man.


The other guy who has a missus and gets laid - IN REAL LIFE!


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That is why I am staying away from it. I get addicted to RPG's pretty easily if they are good games, and from everything I've heard about WOW I would never get anything done if I played it. :D
Haha, I suppose everyone gets the picture now lol.

I wasn't too harsh was I? Anyways, thought I might just add another little blurb about some mates and WOW.
This guy I know has a 68 y/o father with four (FOUR!) level 70 characters. I have seen each one of them while visiting their house. Considering it hasn't been all that long since the release of the expansion, I reckon he must have an army of oompa-loompa's playing simultaneously. Or, in the famous words of southpark, this guy has absolutely no life! lol
And he is almost 70. Now thats funny.

I don't know how he gets away maintaining a marriage at the same time!
I'm only allowed to play online games on friday nights - or the missus throws my gigglestick through a blender! lol


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Hehe. Well tonight is your lucky night then! :D

I used to play RPG's a ton, but never got into MMORPG's much. I played Guild Wars but didn't want to pay monthly for the others such as Everquest or WOW.

I did play Counterstrike quite religiously back in High School but as many of us have learned, as you get older you find that gaming is hardly a priority compared to other more important things. :(