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World Junior Championships


The return shall be legenday!
I'll eventually make an official thread for the tournament but i just wanted to have a general idea what everyone's thoughts are about this two week tournament? Do you enjoy it? Do you care so much for it that you'll watch every game no matter what time they're broadcast? Or it's just like any other hockey game for you?


New Member
When I was playing JR. I was a pretty big deal, some guys I played against and what not, but now its just meh. Another thing to gather the family around the tube for a couple hour at a time. If Canada isnt invloved I dont watch.


Registered Member
I love it. Stayed up and watched every game from UFA. Well, more like, I set my alarm clock around it. I usually have the first week of the tournament off from work. It's a good stage to see the future NHL stars. Maybe even a few of your teams draft picks. Some people take too much pride into it. I like seeing other countries win medals even if Canada does not. Growth of the game is always good. More growth, more talent pool... more talent pool, more competition... so skill level will keep going higher.


Registered Member
I haven't watched the WJC in recent years and I will admit it is co-incidental with Canada's five-year winning streak being broken. I am usually in Florida up until the new year and thus miss the early part of the tournament, which in recent years has resulted in me being unable to get into it once I come back north.
I usually watch a few games here and there during the tournament, depending on which time they're on. But this year, I think that if I can, I might watch more. I got a feeling that this year's Team Canada can have a pretty good chance of coming home with a medal.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I love to watch the tournament, it's up there with March Madness because kids are not getting paid, they're playing their hearts out, and the intensity is pretty high. It sucks Canada hasn't won lately, but I'm sure they'll rebound soon.

Cannot wait to see Connor McDavid play in this tournament. He should be lights out.


New Member
Absolutely love it. In fact I am seriously contemplating heading to Copenhagen this year to take in the experience.
Would be a hockey highlight for me


The return shall be legenday!
Sometime I feel it's better than an actual nhl regular season game. Every shift is played pedal to the medal, every goal is important and the love in the game for these kids is very appararent. I can't wait until December 26th for this yearly tourney to kick off.
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