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Discussion in 'Football / Soccer' started by wooly, Jun 17, 2010.

  1. wooly

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    This has been an extremely low scoring World Cup so far, and for the most part, this has made it pretty boring. Not only has it been low scoring, but shots that usually would at least test the keeper are flying miles over or wide of the post. Once again, FIFA have a new amazing technological ball for the tournament and, as always, it's highly controversial. But how much do you think the Jabulani ball is affecting the tournament so far?

    Personally, i don't see why they don't just use regular balls that they would use in Serie A or the Premiership or La Liga for the tournament. Balls that people are used to. Why they introduce a new crazy ball for every tournament is beyond me. a short piece on the new ball:

    Plus it seems very coincidental that Germany were by far the most successful in the first round of matches with their 4 goals, and the fact that the Jabulani ball has been used in the Bundesliga for the past 6 months.

    Personally i think the ball is damaging the tournament and they should stop making these ridiculous crazy flying footballs for every World Cup.
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  2. ysabel

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    Great. We have something on which to blame for our failure in this WC. :lol:
  3. wooly

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    Haha, you can try anyways!! :p

    Found some interesting facts about this World Cup though in terms of scoring in the first round of group games:

    46 goals (2.88 per game)
    51% of shots on target

    39 goals (2.43 per game)
    45% of shots on target

    25 goals (1.56 per game)
    33% of shots on target

    I remember the ball in 2002 being somewhat controversial and the ball this year is definitely causing more controversy. The figures suggest that something is definitely making it harder for players to score or even hit the target. Whatever it is, it makes for a more boring tournament. The new much complained about ball seems like the most likely explanation.

    No doubt in 2014 they'll still have a new "even lighter, even tougher, even ROUNDER ball!" which will probably make it even harder to score.... :rolleyes:
  4. icegoat63

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    I remember reading about some Latvian Goalie or whatever crying over how accurate the ball is, that the normal balls have a different flight pattern or something.

    I only read the article because it showed him on his knees crying and I thought it'd be a good laugh.

    But this kinda makes me think... is it the ball or the players? You'd think, as with any sport that the goal is to make the most technologically advanced equipment possible. For instance the NHL Switched to the RBK Edge Jerseys because they were vastly lighter and didnt take on liquids like the previous jerseys did. Thus creating a faster paced, less fatiguing equipment.

    Sticking with the theme of hockey... there was a huge outcry with the introduction of 2-piece or even 1 piece composite material sticks. When the traditional wood stick was in transition of becoming a thing of the past... Netminders whined and cried about the Scorers being to accurate. In the end, they got over it.

    So who's at fault here? The goalies or the scorers in this game. The scorers have been provided with equipment that should make them more dangerous... yet its the Netminders that are coming out ahead by keeping the scores low. Mind you I havent seen a single game during this WC Tourney nor do I plan to. So if my thoughts are invalid please by all means correct me.
  5. Bananas

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    I dont think the ball has much to answer for.

    What I have noticed more than anything about this WC is that the margin of quality between the teams is narrower. Its nolonger Permiership verses Pub teams, its Premiership verses Championship teams. Even when a team is pretty rubbish they can often hold there own in an all out defence and make it difficult to win.

    I think there are only a couple of amateur players sitting on the benches in South Africa where I can remember not that many cups ago where almost entire teams were unknowns. What were once whipping boys are now legitimate locations for talent scouts.

    But I think what ysabel says is true, if they can find something to blame, they will.
  6. Bjarki

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    I agree with you that the ball is having a neg influence, yet it seems to act weird only when they play in stadiums at great height.
    I'm not sure where Germany played their match, but to be honest, I think the team was just playing marvellous and their quick combinations don't require any long distance passing or shots from more than 20m. This ball is benefiting countries like Korea, Chile, Germany, Netherlands, Brasil, basically any team that doesn't play traditional 'English' football.
  7. wooly

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    This could be true if the players had sufficient time to adjust to the ball. Some people say the German team were shooting better than other teams because a lot of their players had been using the ball for 6 months in the German League. However, for every world cup they introduce these new balls to the teams and they don't have time to get used to how it works. It's all well and good advancing technology in the game, but these players will be using this ball they find difficult during the most important tournament in football, then go back to their regular league balls for the next 4 years, until their given an equally unique ball just before the next world cup, that agan will hinder their performance. It doesn't make any sense.

    Closer matches could explain less goals but if it was down to improving quality of players and teams then it doesn't really explain how shot accuracy has dropped from 51% to 33% from the 2002 World Cup. Watching matches you can even see world class players scuffing shots that usually would have hit the target, or at least have been closer to goal.
  8. Bananas

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    Better teams = better defences = less time to shoot.

    A lot of the minnows have had excellent defences, even the best strikers in the world need room to strike a ball on target. The defenders have been exceptional so far they have been really closing down the angles making few target areas available, the only shots that have really been available have been either straight down the middle from about 8 yards outside the box where the ball will naturally fly high with the force required to beat the keeper, or, the other shot Im seeing a lot is a diagonal run into the box striking tight to the uprights, this shot has a high probability of missing the target anyway. Both types are shot are frequently off target however good the player is.

    Another thing to note is even the wings are proving unsuccessful, most crosses are coming in flat, if it were the ball at fault these would be going long instead. Meanwhile at the same time I have seen some fantastic cross field passes where the defensive pressure has been less.
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  9. wooly

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    Well that percentage of 33% is still down 10% from the Premiership last season, according to Opta. The Premiership is a very high, if not the highest standard, and defences would be the highest standard aswell. But shot accuracy is still a large percentage higher than the World Cup, where (despite improvements in smaller teams) there is still a bigger difference in quality between the top and bottom teams in the competition. The fact that differences in stats from competitions like the premiership, champions league and also previous world cups is so pronounced shows that it is more than just a statistical anomaly.

    Really? Because i've noticed a large amount of crosses going nowhere near their targets. A noticeable amount of completely wayward balls. Plus the fact that many players have commented on the difficulty of crossing the ball or playing long balls, plus the difficulty in shooting, and... well every aspect of the game.

    The England team commented on the inability to control long passes properly with the new ball against USA. Italy striker Pazzini said "The new ball is a disaster for strikers". Other players have described it as like playing with a "beach ball" or comparing it to "supermarket stock". For me player's comments are probably the most important gauge on how the new ball has been affecting the game and the reaction has been largely negative.
  10. Major

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    The ball is definitely affecting play. I've never seen so many passes and shots be so far off target. We've also seen several goalkeeping errors that were probably caused by the ball as well.

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