World Cup 2010

Discussion in 'Sports' started by DarkBadassZero, Mar 8, 2007.

  1. who do you think will win it well coz im from england im goinf with england but we only won the 1966 world cup agenst west germaney but who know 2010 could be englands year

    what do you guys think and who do you think is going to win in 2010

  2. TBT

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    I'm going to say Argentina. Really good team, lost in 2006 in a penalty shootout which is mostly luck. England has a lot of talented players, but they need a clearer game strategy. Their strategy in 2006 was pretty much try to make Beckham score all the goals from free kicks (that probably wasn't their actually strategy, but that was what it looked like they were doing from an outside observer).
  3. yer i will have to say your right on that one about england TBT but i think by 2010 england might sort it out its a good start not having beckham in the team
  4. Vidic15

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    1966 was a loooong time ago..

    England could have a chance, but 3 more years to go, there will be lots of injuries and retirees in the football, but I can tell you that Brazil could win it again.
  5. patkick

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    I haven't been up to date with soccer but I hope that the Netherlands will win it. There's no new noticably young talent though. :sad: And I don't know about the youngsters in other countries.

    I don't see Brazil winning it either. They're doing too much fancy stuff. At least in the recaps that I saw.
  6. ChinUp

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    toss up between Italy & France .. IMo thats where the competition game is .. the art is in south America .. but the marketplace is in the med .. Would be great to see an African team pull some magic ..
  7. pikatore

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    Australia gave Italy a run for it's money last world cup, and lost out to a disgusting dive made by the Italian striker.

    I'm sticking with my country not just for the hell of it, but with proper confidence. With guys like Kewell on the team, it'll be a force.
  8. FreezerBurn

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    actually, Fabio Grosso is a full back for Internazionale and L'Azzuri, not a striker

    England should be concentrating on qualifing for Euro '08 before they even consider WC '10. I'm hoping that i'll be able to head over to the games and support the boys in Green and Gold. Spewing i missed out on Germany
  9. trunks26

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    i think argentina because they have great young players rising and i think they will win it because italy retirments and brazil and england germany
  10. Vidic15

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    Ronaldhino and Ronaldo won't retire yet. What are you on about boy? Who's there to retire from Brazil Squad? They all have young players

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