Working on a new piece for my "shrine"


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okay so 2 weeks ago I started working on a new piece for my red sox shrine. Basically it was a large canvas that said "The Boston Red Sox are World Champions again and again" in red paint and in blue paint it listed all the years that they have won. But today I wanted to keep working on it at my program so I painted over it with white acrylic paint so that I can start over. Its been decided that every thursday I will have an independant art session with on of the counselors, because well...I need the one on one attention and I hate step-group (which is every thursday). but anyways today we just made an outline of what I think I want to do, here it is:

Thats all I have so far, the canvas is 2 1/2 x 2 2/1 ft. I dont want to over do it but idk, do you guys have any suggestions on what I could do to make it better?
and thats supposed to say 1901 not 1907
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I don't have much experience in "shrine" making. Maybe the best thing would be to make a miniature version and see how it ends up looking. Make it the same as you would if it was a big version. That way you can make it fairly quickly and have an idea of how the final product will look. Then take note of any changes you want to make in the final version.