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Working from home


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We're gonna be moving house soon, probably to the middle of no-where.
I can't drive and the bus route is miles away.

I'm more than happy to remain a hermit but it isn't too practical on the job front.

Does anyone have any ideas of jobs I could do at home, excluding dodgy phone lines and anything to do with computers?

ANY help is very much appreciated.
Thanks in advance. :D
Thought it might help to add, in the 80's my Sister was painting little ornaments to make a few extra beans, I would LOVE to do something like that.
Obviously that was a long time ago and she can't remember the details.
I doubt she made much though as she didn't seem to do it for very long, but I don't have human children to take care of, just fluffy ones who grow their own clothes.
I just really need enough to contribute and a little for Christmas etc.

(I'm not on any benefits by the way)
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ooo.. Without the internet it is hard. I suppose you could do babysitting, pet sitting, or daycare... I work from home but I had to have training and definitely have to have the internet.


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Blue eyes, does day care involve little humans?
I get on great with them when a parent is around but unless they have tails, umm, I dunno how they work.

Oooh Snap, I could definitely pet sit.
Do you need qualifications for that?
I honestly do not have a clue.


Living on the 0th floor
Most people will not care if you have any qualifications. Mostly, it just requires time. You just have to be trustworthy, because people will be giving you the key to their house unless you want to keep their pets at your house.

Basically you just come over to peoples houses as often as they want you to in order to feed their pets, let them out to use the bathroom/change their litter box, give their pet some attention, get their mail and newspaper, and a lot of times water plants, and make sure everything is locked up and secure.

I used to also offer to do things like mow the lawn for an extra charge. I was never willing to spend the night at other peoples houses with their pets unless I could bring someone, but some people like for their petsitters to do that.

If there are craft shows around your area you could make things and sell them at craft shows if you are artistic.


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Thank you for that.
I would only accept other peoples pets if they were sociable and could come and stay with us.
Even under invite I just couldn't bring myself to enter someone elses home.

It's a definite option though, thanks.

Any others?.............


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One of my friends works for childline.

All you have to have is a strong understanding of modern day problems and cultural ethics. You also need to be a good listener and have a good phone manner.

The pay is decent and it can be very rewarding.
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That is something I would never have thought of, thanks.
I might well look into that.

Keep the ideas coming............


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Hi everyone. I just noticed this thread (along with the Forum itself, in fact) and wondered if I could add to the initial question. Anyone know of legitimate work that I can do at home, using my computer?

I know there are a LOT of advertised 'jobs' that use the internet / typing skills and so on, but 99% of those are scams. I could do with something real, legal, kosher!