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Work Opportunity Tax Credit


not a plastic bag
Anyone ever heard of this? Here's the deal. My first job has been really slow and so I decided to take on a 3rd job because honestly its getting very difficult to buy food and rent. Its not too uncommon for my line of work this time of year. So, over the past week I've applied at dozens of places looking for seasonal work. Every job I applied for asked me if I am on welfare or food stamps. That seemed odd to me, but honestly I just zoomed through the questions figuring that it was some sort of gov statistics.
Last night I read the info that pops up before the screen and it said to the effect: The WOTC is a program that gives tax benefits to employers to hire certain groups of people. Answering these questions are to your advantage if you are currently accepting assistance or have in the last 6 months.

This is a blurb from irs:
The WOTC offers tax savings to businesses that hire workers belonging to any of 12 targeted groups, including unemployed veterans and disconnected youth. The other 10 include people ages 18 to 39 living in designated communities in 43 states and the District of Columbia, Hurricane Katrina employees, recipients of various types of public assistance, and certain veterans, summer youth workers and ex-felons. The instructions for Form 8850 detail the requirements for each of these groups.
I've never been more pissed in my life. I'm freakn starving. Trying to do what's right and to get another job I've got to stand in line BEHIND people on welfare and food stamps. I don't care that you're getting foods stamps, but when did that make you more special than the people you aren't on them?

Then, I went to the state calculator and typed in my income for the last 3 months to see what I would qualify for food stamps. $855. EIGHT HUNDRED AND FIFTY-FIVE FREAKING DOLLARS! Are you kidding me? I thought food stamps were to help meet the gap. You know bread, milk and cheese. $855 is our entire food budget. What the hell. Don't you have any responsibility in life?? If anyone takes stamps and smokes or drinks or spends a dime on non-necessities, you should be ashamed. My 2nd job doesn't make that much money a month and it keeps me away from my kids 4 nights a week. Your bankrupting our country. Life's hard, get over it. Get a job. Here's a 4 letter word: work.

To the conservative minded, American dream crowd. You're a fool. You're getting screwed 3 times:
You're paying for someone to sit on welfare.
You can't get a job unless you're on the doll
You're paying for the company to hire the position that you wanted.
You want to know who the forgotten man is, its me.

This is messed up. Do you think the founders of this country or the civil rights leaders of this country would be proud of such a horribly biased marxist system?


Son of Liberty
You know what the ironic thing is? This is a tax a business gets for the hiring of certain people. Thus during election time, this is included in "Republicans keep giving tax incentives to businesses and they forget the little guy".

I agree with you, MIT. The biggest problem in this country is our entitlement thinking. Regular working people are the forgotten people.