Work Mishaps


Sally Twit
I am so glad I read my e-mails to check for spelling mistakes before I send them. Yesterday I was sending an e-mail to a customer and signed it "Kind Retards" instead of "Kind Regards".

Have you ever done anything silly like this, but actually sent the e-mail? :lol:


Creeping On You
Well, only once have I worked somewhere where I had to send emails to people. But the incident didn't happen till after I wasn't working there anymore. My gmail saves any email that is the from, to, cc and bcc. So when I was sending out a funny email a couple months later after quitting, I just sent it to my whole list, forgetting that I had all those other emails on there. So I got a reply back a few days later, and they were bitching me out for sending non work related stuff to a work email. Haha, apparently they had gotten in trouble. I was like 'oops, ignore this person'.
kind retards :lol: I've never had to send work emails, but I did text my boss something that was meant for a friend once. He never said anything to me because I'm sure it was fairly obvious it wasn't for him, haha.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
Definitely copying the wrong people in the emails (sometimes they're also incriminating emails)!

Usually it would start with an email from the higher ups sent via blasting (several depts/sections), then I just take off some people and reply to it but I leave out others sometime.
I work at a breakfast restaurant. We ring up the customer's order, which is sent to the back. We have to type in the flavor jelly that someone wants. The choices are grape or strawberry. My touchscreen register doesn't really agree with my touch. So, I have a terrible habit of typing 'RAPE' in, rather than grape.
It's gotten to the point that the cooks just find it funny, so I, along with many of the other cashiers, do it intentionally now. xD