Work before Family?


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I'm not talking about workaholics specifically, but generally to anyone.

Do you put work before your family?
- One calls his/her partner at work, every time they call s/he is busy and will get back to them later (later can mean anything).
- Staying at work after hours because of pressure, yet you had plans with your partner/family.
- Going into work on your day off because your boss wants you to come in.

Do you do any of the above?
Do you consider it putting work before family.


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This happens to my brother all the time but we know that he has a job to do. We would have a family dinner and sometimes he can't make it to the dinner or he has to leave during dinner. (I think he is really Batman if you ask me) During Thanksgiving dinner, he was getting all these text messages from work. (probably from the commissioner)
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I go into work on my days off, but it has nothing to do with my family :lol:.

I don't do that sort of stuff to anybody, family or not. If I say I'll call them, I try to do so. If I make plans with somebody, I try to stick to them


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My work can be hard to get around, because if I get told to be somewhere to work I have to be there, but at the same time they understand families so they will give me time off when they can to get me there.


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I haven't had a fulltime job ever since I became a mom. The thought actually scares me when I have to go back to the workforce because I cannot be fully available for my kids as before. I can see myself, at least during transition period, to make concessions and sacrifice some work (or not take extra work) to still be there for family.


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Since I've been married and had a child, I've always put them first no matter how busy I am with work but maybe this comes easier for me because I work from home?