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Words that meant nothing 5, 10 or 15 years ago


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I got to thinking of this when I saw that one of my facebook friends had just been 'fraped'. There are so many words now that have been accepted into every day usage that years ago the action of doing said thing didn't even exist.

Being fraped (leaving your facebook open, and someone posting a funny message on your wall as you, for those of you that don't know) is only one example. Google being another one.

What others can you think of? I know our older members would have seen these come about in their lifetime, but how about our younger members?

I can remember when facebook became popular, not so much google though. That's definitely been around since I first started using the interwebz
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I have never heard the 'fraped' before. In my part of the world, we make up a lot of our own words. For instance, we may call a guy a 'scrote'. What's a scrote you ask? We call him that because he's between a prick and an asshole, he's the scrotum. I can't think of any others right now.


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I don't think frape counts. It's too new, too weird, too limited in usage.

And some of them are just abbreviations of existing words (mod is either a moderator or a modification).
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I only bought up frape because it was what gave me the idea for the thread.

Another one is words that existed before hand, but now have a completely different meaning. Your 'wall'or facebook. Apples and Blackberrys.


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pwned. Newb. Leet. Picktard. Hoe'd. the last two words are used in aircombat simulators a lot.

Picktard--> to engage an already engaged enemy aircraft. (like retard except picktard because your picking on targets in an unfair fight)

Hoe'd--> basically an old term but somewhat changed. Means head on. It's basically when two enemy planes engage eachother head on. Meaning one is on one side and the other is on the other; the two come straight at eachother with a 50/50 chance or they can disengage.


Sally Twit
'lol' seems to have become a word now you know. Someone at work actually said it the other day and it really made me laugh.

'Friend clear out' always makes me chuckle as well. Imagine if you sat down with a piece of paper and listed your friends, then called them to say you were removing them from your life.


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google...blogable (spelling?)...woot...prolly...tbh...tmi...lol...bff

A lot of text words we use and online chat words don't mean anything 15 years ago but apparently, among those the ones I listed above made the dictionary entries. They're official words now. :lol:


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Maybe you could say that for all pokemon. haha

but probably the verb-ing of nouns/brands like google, facebook, youtube, etc. First they would have to come into existence first. Then they would have to get popular enough for people to to get lazy enough to say "I youtubed that" instead of "i looked up on youtube"