Words that are 'owned'


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What formerly generic words now automatically remind you of one particular thing, no matter what context they're used in? (Random examples: nirvana, impact, house.)


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Just looking at usernames here; chaos, bliss and iris are words that now belong to the members and i'll think of them when I see that word comes up in everyday life. Same with bands, whenever I see disturbed I think of the band. I know there are a heap more, I just can't think of any right now.

EDIT: halo is another one. It now always reminds me of the game.
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The word 'Edge'.

Because apparently, Tim Langdell's company 'EDGE Games' owns the trademark for the word EDGE, and has repeatedly tried to protect it, including telling EA they can't call it 'Mirror's Edge', and repeatedly getting an iPhone game named Edge removed from the app store...


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Who doesn't think of the game when they hear it?


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There are quite a few of these for me, including some of the ones mentioned before. A lot of usernames can fit this as well, like Imp said. A lot of bands too.

Would that be Imogen Heap?
Yeah, I thought of her at that, too.