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Word Documents Saved as HTML Docs


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Anybody else really bugged by the way Word saves a document as an HTML ever since Word 97 bit the dust?

I used to keep a copy of Word 97 just so I could convert Word docs into HTML without getting all those zillion instances of unnecessary HTML code into the page. Then stick the page in Dreamweaver and I'm set. I had a job where I had to convert a ton of documents into HTML from Word all the time, so it was great. Now, I never used Word for HTML. I start from scratch if I need to take some stuff out of Word and put it on the web.

Guess I'm a fan of clean code. Used to drive my design partner crazy because she learned how to design just from screen view and didn't really understand the code behind it.


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I've noticed that too. Personally I think it's one big gimick to force people into buying Microsoft Front Page.

Think about it, Microsoft has obviously perfected (depending on your definition of the word) the task of converting simple text markup to HTML on the fly, (Front Page), yet they didn't manage to port that technology over into Word, which has never been good for HTML files.

A little side note here, but if you still have a copy of Word 97, open a fresh file. Type the word "blue" and when it asks you to change it to "Blue" click yes, and then select the text. Go to the color selection tool at the top and change the text color to blue. Now go back to the text. Click right after it, and hit enter.

Bam! A hidden game! :D


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Even Front Page puts in text that you don't need. If don't select something just perfect then it leaves text in there. Or if you delete some text that is between two tags, it will leave the tag in there but just have blank space between the tags. It stills shows up right, but when you look at the code, it is all goofed up.

Am currently working on switching a HTML page written using Front Page that is over 2MB in size to CSS. I think I am removing half of the code because it is not needed. It just takes up space.


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Yeah, that bloated code must wreak havoc with a search spider. I wonder if anyone has ever done a study on how much slower a page will load with all that crap in there? Or how about how much lower you'll rank in Google with bloated code on your 1,000 page website. I know there are so many things that go into the mix in SEO and clean code is only one little part, but personally I spend the extra time to make sure I don't have excess code in there if I can help it.

I have to use this one WYSISYG program for a newsletter I write and it's really nasty about where your code is. It's got all kinds of crap it throws in, but if I take some of it out, the layout goes whacko on me. So, I finally had to give up and let it have its way when I write it :shake:

Oops, almost forgot ... cool Easter Egg (the blue game) Andrew (and it's even close to Easter) ...
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