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So I have been talking to this girl for a couple weeks. I don't really like her but I can't bring myself to tell her to leave me alone. She's been hung around my neck for years. Well like two days ago she was upset because she said I never initiated a conversation with her. I only talked to her if she talked first. So to make her not bitch I told her I would talk to her more.

Well I went to work today and when I got off at 3 I didn't even think about calling her or texting her or anything, haha. She just text me "Night." and I was like oh shit!

I think I'm gonna have to tell her tomorrow that my phone was off or something. :|


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Just be truthful with her. It's better to be straight and honest than to lead her on with lies and false hopes. It'll hurt her less.


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yep, I agree whole-heartedly with what Chaos said. :)
...And look at it this way, at least you won't have to continue to feel obligated to make up excuses any longer. yeah, Telling her you have no desire / intentions of making something more out of your friendship (or what ever it is?) will hurt her feelings but dragging it on and on and on will more than likely hurt her even more. Not worth it, just be upfront with her and go on your way. :)


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Yeah man, I've been here done that before and I can tell you right now you need to tell her you're not interested or suck it up and go for it. It'll just end up shitty if you string her along and don't tell her what's up.


Who is she to force you to talk to her? Hell, she's not your partner/date. .. you can do whatever you want ....
It was wrong of you telling her you'd try to talk her more? Maybe you wanted to make her feel better, but this is worse for her.
Just tell her how you feel and make sure she knows you don't owe her anything.


Sally Twit
Just fuck her, dude.

Nah but really you should just tell her you can only offer her friendship. She sounds a bit weird anyway. The kind of girl that if you did date she'd never let you leave her. You just have to hope you don't lose any sort of friendship you have... If you value it that is.


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Been there done that, just tell her that you don't want anything more than what she wants..unless it's sex..go for it! :p

But seriously, cut her loose, be truthful because in the future, it might hurt her more if you told her then but not now.


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I think everyone has basically said this but yes, tell her the truth. I don't like being lead on by guys and I'm willing to bet she doesn't either. It will save you both a lot of grief if you just tell her now that you don't want the relationship to go further than it already has.


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You don't need to be rude to tell her the truth. Believe me, your life will get much easier when you do. I mean, you don't want her anyway, do you?


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Just be frank to her. Don't give her false hopes, but also don't hurt her. It's always better to have more friends than "enemies" :)