Wonder Woman writer confirms superhero is queer


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I'm almost always on the losing side of an ongoing argument with my son in which I claim that the constant reinvention of longstanding comic book characters is a bogus and fairly lazy attempt to boost interest and sales. If they want to create a new character, they shouldn't just revamp a character that already exists. It's intellectually cheap just to fold the familiarity of a character into a new version when there's little regard to that character's history.

Of course he usually points out that I don't study comics 80 hours a week, so I will never understand the intricate web that ties all the logic together and makes it believable. I'm pretty sure that it involves time travel, alternate dimensions and a bunch of other stuff which I tend to reject out-of-hand.


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I'm a huge comic fan, and although I'm a liberal I don't always like major changes to existing characters.

I think having strong LGBT characters is great, but - for one example - I didn't enjoy the change to Iceman of the X-Men. It was written that he had just always had trouble coming to terms with his sexuality, which does happen in reality. That being said, as a character he had a few relationships with women that were interesting to follow and interesting as a part of his history. There was an existing X-Man, Northstar, who is badass and already was gay. I would have enjoyed it more if they just kept featuring him instead of changing a founding member.

However, Wonder Woman being bisexual is fine to me. I think it fits with the Amazonian background and feels somewhat natural in this case. The current writer, Greg Rucka, is one of the best around and I trust his storytelling and judgment.