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Movies Wonder Woman 2007


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Joss Whedon is directing and writing the script for the Wonder Woman movie. He is still casting. The Wonder Woman character was created in 1941 by William Moulton Marston. She is an Amazon from Paradise Island who goes by the name of Diana Prince. She has a magic lasso and bracelets and flies an invisible plane. I watched the Wonder Woman TV series starring Lynda Carter so I have an interest. Whedon said there may be a part for Carter but that the movie will not be campy. Lots of names are being mentioned as the potential new Wonder Woman. It should be an unknown, someone as fresh and innocent as Carter was when she took the role.
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Wonder Woman was a fun and entertaining way to kill an hour on a boring evening. Let's hope the movie gets slightly more serious and less flighty. I look forward to finding out who they cast in the lead.


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It doesn't seem like the right kind of movie for Whedon. I'd rather see him work on some original Sci-Fi, maybe start a trilogy or saga of his own. He's a very good, very inspired writer/director.