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Women - what does this mean really?


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:) Must ask women's advice/request on this!

what does this mean when "she" says:

"yes we do. it is funny how that is, im happy about it :). Hope to talk with you tomorrow. XX p.s thank you for making me smile all the more x"


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It's almost impossible to tell without any kind of context (the rest of the conversation, and the nature of your relationship with her), but I'll take a whack at it anyways:

You apparently just said something she found entertaining and humorous. That's pretty clear. Now for the unclear part:

If you already have a (romantic) relationship with her, then this is pretty clear (if this is the case and it's not, let me know, and I'll break it down for you).

If you don't have a romantic relationship, but have a very close friendship with you, this isn't anything to read *too much* into. She may have some romantic feelings for you, but the close friendship would also make her likely to say things like this -- the bolded statement I would venture to say is a little beyond that, but I'm not sure it's enough to say she's interested in something serious with you.

On the other hand, if you're not her BFF, then I'd say she's sending some pretty clear signals. Clear enough that I'm wondering why you're bothering to ask us about it :p

(Note: No, I'm not a woman, and therefore, I do not speak womanese natively. However, being gay makes me at least conversational in it. Perhaps a native speaker would like to confirm my translation?)

edit: I just noticed that you put the word 'she' in quotes. If by this you mean that it's *the* she (your romantic partner), all this means is that she's being a bit mushy and expressing her love in her own way, not much more than that. On the other hand, if by this you mean that 'she' is not a she, then this could be a bit of a different case, and the translations might not be 100% (though they'll still be in the ballpark). I'm not going to ask whether that's the case, I'm just going to throw that warning out there.
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lol thanks. womense - LOL
well its someone that im trying to persue and she is also somewhat doing the same. we have alot in common (this was said in the previous text) in terms of the way we feel/think about things and also moral/ethical values. this was her response to it (in my original post).


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In that case, I'd say it's a good sign that you're on the right track. Don't make the mistake of thinking that this means you should move faster -- she seems happy with how things are going, keep moving at the same speed you have been all along, and let things develop naturally. It's easy for some guys to get a little pushy at this stage and mess things up bigtime. So don't. But, congrats, looks like you've got a good thing going for you here.


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<ramblings class='tired' style='nonsensical'>

I'm the only dude who jumped on it. See my justification in my original reply :D

You'd be surprised how often guys come to me for girl advice. I've heard people say that men are incapable of understanding women, but that's not entirely true. The real rule is that if a man understands women at all, he's not allowed to be attracted to them. I mean, that would just be cheating.

I've also said that being gay is like playing the relationship game with god mode enabled: we're generally physically attractive, dress well, have good personal hygiene, are skilled at things like cooking, singing, etc. All the women (and men :p ) are attracted to us, and we generally understand what they're thinking and what they want. The catch is that we have a much more limited field to play the relationship game on.



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I can't speak for all women, but making me smile is a really good thing. I'd say it's a good sign that you're on the right track.


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As a native womanese speaker I am happy to confirm the aforementioned analysis. :nod:

Though, all women are obviously different and if there is some secret code then, well, I'm not in on it haha. I wouldn't read too much into what she is saying. You made her smile/happy. That's pretty much all you need to know! A good sign indeed, but as Arathald said, it's probably not wise to take this as a cue to rush anything with her. Good luck!


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no, i dont rush things. that just isnt me, or in my nature. long story about how women are in my country or residence.... but anyway, thanks :)


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@ Arathald
Not bad. I might actually throw you something in the future. Qucik Q though: Met this girl and looks like she likes me, spent the night with her but she didn't want to have sex. No problem(though we did a little smooching and oral), just left her and she made me promise to call her and meet later in the day. Things is, I don't want anything serious right now, and even if I did, I don't think it will last. She has been treating me like I'm her new man, and I'll be feeling a bit guilty when its time to break things off. And that time will come sooner than later. What should I do, just tell her to forget it or have a go at it? I'll checking back soon for your reply Supremo.
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