women only....trust me....


my bologna has a 1st name
ok....I'm warning you now, this is a rather sincere question about females and their bodies

men beware I warned you....

has anyone ever used whats called the 'diva cup'? I saw it advertised and I wondered if anyone had seen it or even heard of it...and if it worked...

the idea of the item kinda grosses me out, but the product is legit.
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my bologna has a 1st name
it does, it looks like it could cause toxic shock but then again, I have a friend who hikes who swares by it....and the thought of reusing it...and cleaning it...

hoping to hear input from someone who has used it...and hear what they think...


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I kinda like the idea (apart from the thought of it spilling - yikes), yet I'm quite happy with what I normally use and wouldn't bother with it.


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Someone in another forum tried those because she got sent a trial or something. I can't remember who it was or her blog now but I was like eh? She didn't seem to mind it though.


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I'm intrigued but haven't tried it. It seems like someone I know has used Instead and liked it, but I can't think now who it is. Might be my hippie cousin.
I had to Google it to find out exactly what it was, so that should tell you if I've ever used one.
I think it's a bit more than I'd care to deal with. Oh, and I love that it comes in sizes.:lol:


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Yea, I'm all about convenience and this seems like it would end up being more of a hassle, but then if you only have to change it twice a day instead of 4-6 times (or more) maybe it wouldn't be so bad. It's kind of expensive to pick one up to try though, I'd have to know that I planned on using it regularly to spend 35 bucks on one.