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Sad Women as targets


Recently I heard a statistic relating to how often women receive abusive or sexually inappropriate tweets/etc. compared to men, and the ratio is staggering. It also got me to thinking about media in general and it's frequent portrayal of women as targets of violence and abusive language, and about certain parts of the world where it seems women are considered disposable objects. It all confuses me. Why should the fairer sex be singled out in this way? What is it that seems to reach up from primal roots and trigger so many men to behave so poorly toward women? Personally, I tend to get along much more easily with women than I do other men, although they are not entirely without their annoying quirks. When I think of the trolling that took place against Robin Williams' daughter shortly after his death, it sickens me. WTF? Why? When I see examples of how teenage boys are bullying young girls to the brink of suicide, again I wonder, where are they getting this sh~t? Something is seriously messed up here and I think a large part of the responsibility lies with the parents, but also some lies with social attitudes relating to women.

When I was a teenager, the way it worked was liked this... You hit a girl, you get your ass kicked by every guy who catches wind of it. It just wasn't done. It wasn't condoned. Violence against women was social kryptonite. Was I living in a societal vacuum?

I've noticed over time that the cultural demography of the Western world has changed significantly. Could it be that Western culture is being influenced more over time by those cultural subgroups that traditionally view women as disposable property? I have no doubt that bad or lack of parenting plays a huge role in the degradation of social dignity and class. Perhaps we should start there.

... Your thoughts?

- Chameleon
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Free Spirit
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I think there are men that just see women as sex objects or they have been raised to think its a mans privilege to do what they want when it comes to women because they are the man. They hold themselves to a different standard than they do women. Some men think it's not as bad for them to cheat, hit or hurl insults at women. Heard a man say that, I have news for them it is. Whatever the man would think or feel if they were on the receiving end is probably what women would also think and feel.

In some societies this is worse than others because its part of their religion, which is disgusting. When a government backs such treatment it becomes twice as bad, it becomes ingrained in their society. There isn't even laws to offer them some protection.

What is causing this I really don't know when it comes to western society because the governments see women as equal to men. If you abuse a woman you will most likely end up in jail. I have to wonder if women having equal rights makes some men feel threatened. Then they go on the internet and act out on this. I've seen that happen. I've seen a few posts, not on here, saying women weren't capable of critical thinking or were put here by God for men. Archaic thinking at best. I have a feeling they learn this behavior from their father or peers. Maybe because some men never had a male role model in their life to teach them any better. A lot of single women raising kids these days.

Women putting nude pictures of themselves on the internet or working in strip clubs probably doesn't help this either.
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I've seen men who hold the belief that women were put here by God for men, to be treasured and adored. I can actually relate to that way of thinking. But the idea that women are any less thinking, feeling, people than men is what needs to go. We live in a time where many children are growing up spending most of their time with violent video games, increasingly vulgar and misogynistic pornography, and cliquey social media which encourages self-promotion by any means possible. It's a perfect storm of sociopathic indoctrination. A rapidly growing number of parents are finding no time for instilling critical values and moral priorities in their children because making ends meet financially takes up most of their time. To add to this, many of these parents are single parents.

Children are having to find out what is expected of them in society from their peers and from popular media... More violence, greed, and smut. There's a war on morality being waged, and we're all losing. I hear so many parents cop out and say junior has to find his own path, and I don't want to impose my value system on him. Well, for most kids with no proper guidance, their own path leads to jail, or to the morgue. Many are now finding purpose in extreme causes.

As this deterioration is tolerated and even promoted, women will be the first victims. Young girls in schools, as young as 10 in some cases, are being convinced by young boys to engage in oral sex, sexting, and lesbianism to be popular. There was even a trend where girls collected colored bracelets for performing different types of sex acts. (Not sure if that trend is still rolling, but I wouldn't be surprised). Sometimes I just want to give up on the world. Society seems dedicated to committing socio-economic suicide. If we can't be bothered to teach strong values to our next generation, then what hope can there be for the whole of society? If the problem lies with financial demands making it impossible for parents to spend enough time at home, then we need to collectively find a way to reduce those demands. But I feel this is only part of the equation.

The public media needs to step up in a big way. We should be able to clean up the airwaves and begin the process of reversing the social engineering that has been prevalent on TV, radio, and in the movies for decades. Greed is not good. Women are not objects. And compassion is not weakness. But who am I kidding? When a society values nothing, they can be sold anything. I guess it all has to fall apart completely before folks will wise up. It's sad though. It's hard to watch.

- Cham


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This has direct ties to the biological differences between men and women. We are created equally but that does not mean that we are meant to serve all the same roles.

Here's an interesting thought. Men are generally more aggressive, physically stronger, and tend to desire sex more. Doesn't that pretty much sum up why men tend to target women? Men that hurt women are usually cowards with a sickening need to have power, why would they not target someone weaker than they are?

This is driven in the culture whether it's movies, music, art, clothing, the porn industry, you name it. The objectification of women in today's society is constantly pressed into the minds of young people. Unfortunately, most youths today do not guard their thoughts; things they think is just harmless fun turns out to be a big problem.


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Degradation and objectification of women by men comes in many forms. Many religious people use their religion as justification, because i.e. Islam or Christianity explicitly teach that women are worth less than males (you don't believe me regarding Christianity? Check out Romans).

Secular and atheist people are often influenced by a hedonistic culture that teaches that women have to be pretty and sexy, and thus reduce women to their looks and the pleasure they can cause in men -- "America's Next Top Model" and the like, and the entire secular entertainment industry.

It seems that disregard for women is prevalent in all sides of our culture, be that right-wing or left-wing, be that religious or atheist. It just takes different forms.

IMO, a main problem is education early on. Too few kids are taught empathy and respect for other people in general, in the first place. Way too many parents don't take the time making their kids think how other people feel, and how they perceive a certain behavior. If more boys were taught empathy, to think the other side too, they'd more easily be capable of imagining how a girl/woman feels in face of certain behavior.

On top of that, you often see a double standard when it comes to raising boys and girls. How often is "boys will be boys" an excuse for poor parenting, and how often are little girls taught early on that it isn't their efforts and achievements that matter, but just how they dress and look -- girls get rewards for "being cute", not for being smart or industrious.



Free Spirit
Staff member
I have to agree with you Sim. Boys and girls are raised different which exasperates the problem early on. Women are often raised to think its all about their looks, beauty pageants, magazines enforce this. Them pleasing the man, keeping the relationship together so he doesn't look for a younger woman and expect nothing in return.

Then parents wonder why their daughters are putting their nude pictures on the internet or letting their boyfriend take them and do so. Or constantly trying to get the approval of a man that may not give it. Enter eating disorders, drugs, depression, sometimes even suicide.

Parents need to teach their girls they need to get a career and forget about having a serious boyfriend until you can take care of yourself so you aren't dependent on him for financial or emotional support. That they are as good as men and are as capable.

Anymore many times there is no father around, or they have no interest in their daughters, so young women fall prey to older men, that are often pedophiles, just because they are looking for male support.