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Woman with Two Vaginas!!


A Darker Knight
refuses to do a porno.

Hazel Jones: Woman with 2 vaginas rejects $1m pornography offer | Mail Online

I think this was brought up in chat before, and those who were there agreed that she seemed like a lovely person. The whole porn deal came later though. I can't say that I'm entirely happy about this. :lol: But I wouldn't want her to be dirtied by a giant Chernobyl baseball bat penis. Good for her for keeping her dignity.

PS. Doesn't that exec just look like he would be in porn?


Ms. Malone
This was in The Sun a few days ago; the report of her having two vaginas came first, then the report of the porno deal.

I'm glad she turned it down :)


Yeah I'm glad she turned down the porno offer too. And she seems really comfortable with herself, which is great :)


Free Spirit
Staff member
Good for her for turning down the porn offer. A million dollars is a lot of money but I think she would of regretted it in the long run.


No Custom Title Exists
Should have taken it, she has a rare thing, I would try to rake in as much money as I could but that's me!


Better Call Saul
Staff member
Well that's definitely not something you hear about everyday and I'm not surprised someone from the porn industry asked her to do a porno. She's pretty cute too but good for her to reject that. That's a lot of cash to say no to though!


I ♥ Haters
I love your use of double exclamation marks in the title, oxy. lol

Anyways, good for her for not succumbing to pressure and doing porn. However, I get the feeling she's a bit of an attention whore. I mean, at one point, she says she want to be left alone, and yet she giving interviews on TV and talking about her vag...es, even the fact that she lost her virginity twice. Why not just keep that shit to yourself? I'm just saying.


Embrace the Suck
Yeah I thought the same thing too, Bubbles. If she wanted to be left alone why come out on TV and say "guess what? I have two vaginas". In reading some of the comments someone said she came forward to shed light on this condition or something like that, I didn't get that impression in reading this story.


It's not me, it's you.
Dang, she has 2 wombs as well. I wonder if that means if she was carrying 2 babies at once if they would technically be twins or not, if they had separate wombs.


Sally Twit
I was in chat when this was mentioned and I never thought of her doing porn I have to say. We were talking about her having children and periods, not getting them out for the pleasure of others haha.
I am glad she turned it down, but not surprised. I am sure it was hard enough just talking about it. Surely it's not the type of thing you'd want to bring more attention to.