Woman Wakes after 17 hours of no brain waves (not to mention her heart stopped too)


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This is crazy and almost unbelievable. This lady had no brain waves for 17 hours and her heart had actually stopped for 10 minutes towards the end of this time.

She "woke up" however after her family had said their final goodbyes and her tubes were removed.

Her family said their goodbyes and Thomas’ tubes were removed, but she remained hooked on a ventilator as the possibility of organ donation was discussed.
FOXNews.com - Woman Wakes After Heart Stopped, Rigor Mortis Set In - Health News | Current Health News | Medical News


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“I know God has something in store for me, another purpose,” Val Thomas said. “I don’t know what it is, but I’m sure he’ll tell me.”
I knew that was going to be involved in there somewhere.


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I figured from the title of this thread that they had put her on ice. People can survive some pretty crazy things when freezing their ass off. When facing long periods without oxygen or cardiac arrest, hypothermia can be your best friend.


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I think she heard the family calling dibs on some of her posessions and woke up. :D It's good that she is still around and that is one heck of a story that she will be telling her friends and grandkids.


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That's pretty lucky that she woke up, I wonder what happened. It'd be scary to know that you were once dead and now you're alive again.


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17 hours of actually being dead? and no brain damage? I don't believe it. :-/ I'm going with that hypothermic explanation mentioned above.

I knew that was going to be involved in there somewhere.
me too