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Woman uses Wii as credit card machine, wins retard award


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Out of all the most insanely stupid things I've seen this year, this one tops them all.

Apparently, a couple bought their kids a Wii this christmas, and the mother asked a neighbour what games they'd recommend. After mentioning the virtual console, she asked what it was, to which the neighbour told them that you could pay for and download games online by entering your credit card when asked. So she did...

She jammed her credit card into the Wii's disk slot. When nothing happened, she assumed the card wasn't accepted and proceeded to jam a further two cards in before thinking that something was going wrong.

After being told by her neighbour that she'd have to cancel her cards and pay for Nintendo's US$75 repair service, she expects her neighbour to compensate her for giving her bad advice.

Oh, and she also managed to crack open that Wii Speak thing when placing it on top of the sensor bar, and has clearly broken Darwin's theory of natural selection by surviving through childhood somehow.

Woman tries to use Wii as a credit card machine ... fails

Lady actually inserts credit card into Wii slot, breaks Wii

Hard News 12/30/08 | ScrewAttack.com
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I've actually seen people try to use those bar game consoles as an ATM before and literally put their cards in the slot wondering why it wasn't taking it.


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There's no excuse for that in this day and age. Have they been living under rocks?


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How can you be so stupid? I never knew that human stupidity came in so many forms.

I can't believe that she expects her neighbor to pay for it, that's ridiculous.

:lol: :laugh:

It never even occurred to me to literally insert the credit card.

What does she think that her credit card number is for?


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People think they can solve any problem by shoving a credit card in it so this actually doesn't surprise me.
And she wants her neighbor to pay for the damages because he didn't explain the whole process in fool proof detail...:shake: