Woman to get 40 Lashes for talking to non-relatives


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Some laws are just plain stupid and this is one of them.

Jesus, you Arabs, get the hell over it. It's a free world, anyone can do anything they want to.


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Some laws are just plain stupid and this is one of them.

Jesus, you Arabs, get the hell over it. It's a free world, anyone can do anything they want to.
It's not a free world. In Saudi Arabia you can also be sentenced to death if you are raped. A girl was lashed 200 times after being gang raped a few years ago there. I imagine she died from that. I can't believe anybody could live through that.


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One of those stupid things in that part of the world that they do, I feel sorry for her, and I also would not be surprised if she died during as well, since she is old and may not be able to take it.
Their religions and beliefs are strict that way. If we were Arabs it would be another whiping. Though in todays society I feel that it is harsh.


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They have very strict laws based on religion over there. I'm sure if you see the list of what's not allowed, especially for women, you would be just as displeased. Like the article said, this is not the first time that their rulings have caused controversy so I'm not really surprised that this thing happened. What surprised me more, when I read the article, is that there are actually human rights lawyers over there. It must be a frustrating job when you're battling with an entire culture, not just specific cases. In a way, it's a sign of hope. Even if the winner for the Human Rights Watch was given a travel ban so he can't accept his award in England, at least he's not in jail for doing what he's doing now.

PS. Don't use this case to generalise Arabs. If you want to refer to the residents of Saudi Arabia, use the more proper demonym Saudi or Saudi Arabian.


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I am not condoning it for one moment but in some cultures its just the way it is.

Most of us would consider the sentence as completly unacceptable, however in Saudi eyes her crime is also deemed equally unacceptable, Im sure she was aware of the law, however ludicrous it is, she broke it!

All cultures are different even those that on the surface appear so similar.


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The Saudis have been making advances in terms of human rights, in continuing with the tradition of the liberal reforms laid out in the Koran when it was first written and circulated. Unfortunately, things that were once huge advances in terms of human rights--like a specification of how lashings are too be carried out, so as to reduce their brutality, and capping how many can be given as punishment--are now horribly backwards. We can hope this event causes Saudi's to turn on the "religious police" and influence the conservative right wields in their country, and rather embrace the progressive spirit in which the Koran was written, as opposed to the explicit text of now-dated laws proscribed by it; and I imagine it will work somewhat to those ends.
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