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Woman survives in wrecked car for 5 days


Free Spirit
Staff member
FAIRPLAY, Colo. - Kristin Hopkins wrote pleas for help on a red-and-white umbrella that she managed to push through a broken window of her crashed car and open, hoping to attract the attention of drivers on a scenic highway above.

Colorado woman will lose both feet after surviving in wrecked car for 5 days - CBS News
This woman is so lucky a hiker found her before it was too late. I've been to the Rockies and I can see how it would be difficult to see her car, actually from the highway impossible in many places.

I remember thinking when we were out there and we were driving along the mountain road and I looking off the side that if we had a wreck it could be months before someone discovered us. I found that thought rather scary.

I honestly don't know how she would have any hope for rescue in time. I would have been laying there after a day thinking this is where I'm going to die. Poor woman, glad she is going to be okay but she will be losing both feet.