Woman passes 950th driving test.


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Wow, people who take that long to pass a test shouldn't be allowed to drive. There should be some sort of limit on the amount of times you can take the test, because that is just ridiculous.


wow. haha ... the news of the day!!!
she's been trying for 4 years! she's really strong lol!
i would give up if i were her.


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Yes, I totaly agree, (Becs? Is that ok if I call you that?)
I dread to think what she's g'onna be like out on the road and Impact, I agree with you to, surely there should be a limit, she could cause serious chaos on the roads, it took her 950 times to pass, It's most probaly going to take her 950 days to stop crashing on the roads. !


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950 driving tests has to cost a lot of money. :lol:

wow, that almost seems like a waste of time.

I'd have definitely given up if I were her, I'm not strong enough to fail for 4 years at anything and have the will to keep going. :lol:


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Aren't you all aware that asian people like me are bad drivers? :lol: If I was one of her family members, I don't think I want to be in the same car as her. "Sorry grandma, I am going to take the cab this time"