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Woman kills man in You Tube stunt


Registered Member
Do you ever read something in the news and think "are people really this stupid?"
Did that today when I read about the woman who shot her boyfriend in a YouTube stun gone wrong.
You can read the article here.

Did they really think that an encyclopedia would stop a bullet?


Registered Member
Personally, I would test it first. That's just me. Probably because I am not a complete idiot. These two are so stupid I don't even know what to say about it.


Registered Member
Yes, people really are that stupid. Here is a perfect example that I encountered recently on Facebook about how stupid (or delusional, your pick) people are. I was reading a post by Mayim Bailik (The Big Bang Theory). There were several people who commented who spoke to her like her character on the Big Bang Theory is real. They were giving her advice for her relationship with Sheldon. One woman said all kinds of terrible things to her about how she should never have broken up with Sheldon...it was truly ridiculous. The fact that more than one person acted like this is scary. So, along that line, I can totally see someone watching Batman or Superman and thinking an encyclopedia would stop a bullet.