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Woman gives birth to "Giant"


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wow, pianobone that is big. How tall is your father?


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I was a little over 8 pounds at birth, I do not remember the exact weight, but I am now 5' 10'' and weigh 190


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The size of the baby at birth isn't an indication of how big they'll be when they grow up. I was a ten pound baby with a beach ball sized head and I'm 5'8 150 now. Not so big. Just ripped. RAAAH.


The Rock is cooking atm..
That's funny, not sure how much i weighed when i was born.

Right now around 5'8 now and I'm about 135pounds.


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Well I was 6lbs 14oz. at birth and today I am 6ft and 320lbs.

Usually the first child is the smallest baby. Every baby after that is a little larger and weighs more.


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Yes that was weight and height sans dreads. With them I'm about 4 inches taller and 20 pounds heavier.

Yes, why would later children be larger? I was the first born and the largest.


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I must of inhereted some weird tall gene, because my parents are shorter people, and I'm just plain tall. You should see some of my buds, though, man, cause next to me they are like midgets... lol


I have a hard time driving in small cars.
I stopped growing when I turned 17
My shortest friend is 4'11" and comes up to around my navel, give or take...
But she actually IS a midget...
She also has a hard time driving, because she cannot reach the pedals...
the bad thing is that I only weigh 195 pnds, cause im thin...