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Woman gives birth to "Giant"


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A woman in Brazil gave birth Wednesday to a boy that doctors have nicknamed "giant baby." The infant weighs 17 pounds, about the average size of a six-month-old. He was delivered by Caesarean section
I certainly hope it was delivered by C-Section, as giving birth to a 17 pound baby would ruin sex with that/for woman for the rest of her life

Both of my children were just under 7 pounds, and both are alot bigger than children there ages, will this kid be out next "Andre the Giant"

one note, all of the children this woman has givin birth to have weighed over 10 pounds, but 17 is SILL UNHEARD OF


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Holy Crap, that is one big baby. My daughter was only 8 pounds. Damn, if it wasn't C-section, talk about your stretch marks.


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I was 8lbs 12 oz. and 22" long. Not huge, but a bigger baby. :lol:


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Lol, my dad was over 9lbs at birth :lol: