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Woman Gives Birth to Baby Originally Frozen as Embryo 24 Years Ago


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Now, this is an odd story that has potentially game-changing implications legally. So, if this embryo was "conceived" 24 years ago and was frozen, but somehow able to be implanted and brought to full term 24 years later, how old is she now?

Frozen embryo conceived the year after her mother was born - CNN

You could argue that she is 0 since she was just born, but she was conceived in 1993 as the rest of us were going to the theaters to see Jurassic Park. Y2K hadn't happened yet, 9/11 hadn't happened yet, and yet she was a fully fertilized embryo well before any of these events took place.

Odd... especially since her surrogate mother was only 23 at the time of her birth, which means the two of them were conceived just one year apart.


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You bring up some interesting points here. Thought provoking actually. What did they put on her birth certificate? Another issue for the courts to ponder.