Woman Drowns In Sinking Car As Husband Watches


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Trapped In Sinking Car, Woman Drowns. A woman in Shanghai, China accidentally reverses off a ferryboat and into the Huangpu River. Her husband and 18-year-old son who were not in the car at the time of this incident watch helplessly on the side. Bystanders prevent the husband from jumping in to save the woman. Chinese citizens ask why the rescue boat in this video just sits there doing nothing to save the woman trapped in the car.


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IF I knew how to swim and I see no one was jumping in to save, I would jump right away even if I'm told not to. It must be a horrible thing to just helplessly watch your loved one die slowly like that.


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Chinese people are expendable and this proves it. The rescue boat did nothing, the people filming it did nothing, and the lady stuck in the car didn't do anything noticeable. I would have tried climbing out the back door, or beak out a window. SOMETHING.


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It's almost as if they thought hey we can get this on TV or better yet be the most popular youtube video. Makes you wonder what else they'd sit there and watch instead of helping and last I checked rescue people were paid to be the rescuers.


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sadly I believe Hiei has apoint, it just goes to show the value of life over there. I mean holy hell if that were me I'd be doing everything in my power to help out at the scene. Especially if no one else was helping. As they say sometimes it only takes a spark to ignite a fire, had 1 person hopped in maybe eventually the rest of the crowd woudl have joined the rescue venture.

Its a sad day in humanity with atrocities like this happen. I mean wow, just sit there and watch....


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Jesus fucking Christ. How can someone let this happen? I'd fight tooth and nail to save that woman. I only wish I was there so I could try. Fuckin' christ. Just oh my god.


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As they say sometimes it only takes a spark to ignite a fire, had 1 person hopped in maybe eventually the rest of the crowd woudl have joined the rescue venture.
I myself doubt that. I can imagine they'd be more likely to film and watch the crazy person jumping in to save the drowning woman who they don't, as a whole, actually care about and then continue their lives as if nothing actually happened.


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I know Im going to get slated for saying this but.....

If people start jumping in the water then you will have more than just one person to rescue.

If the rescue boat were to go steaming in towards the car it would cause it to sink quicker and not take a minute or so as the tubulent water would break the water surface the car is sitting on, giving the woman inside less chance to escape.

The person filming it probably realises they are helpless to do anything and the second best thing is to document evidence for any further investigation.

I am surprised that no-one did jump in to help though as primary instincts usually take over rational thought in situations like this. ...but whilst the woman remained trapped in the car though there is little you can do to help until the car is completly submerged and the video cuts before we know what effort was made at that point.

Everyone is making some bold judgements on little given knowledge;a car sinks and a person dies whilst a boat is filmed near by!...... you know more than those bystanders did, who did not know the woman was not going to be able to get out or that she would die. Possible some did not realise there was a person trapped. To make a call that they thought she was expendable is a little sinophobic and callous to the people in that situation.

To me it looks like the people on the ferry are signalling to the other boat to rescue whist the people on the other boat are signalling to the ferry to rescue whilst both parties remain hapless to each others dilema and the poor ladies fate.

Rather than just makeing assumptions on people, we should spare a though for those who had to witness such a tragedy, live with it for the rest of their lives and the others who had to make some hardline judgements that day possibly gaving the woman an extra few seconds chance of survival or prevented more than one tragedy that day.

What happened was very sad but lets not condemn the bystanders or the whole of China because we can be armchair heroes having only witnessed a little video clip on the internet.


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You do have a point, I guess we all over-reacted here. Does anyone, by any chance, know if there is a news article surrounding this, I'm interesting in reading up if possible.