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Woman drove for months with dead body in passenger seat


Woman drives with dead body for months - U.S. news - Life - msnbc.com

COSTA MESA, Calif. — Medical examiners have identified a mummified corpse that was left in a car's passenger seat for 10 months in Southern California, a police spokesman said Friday.
I heard this on the news this morning. I actually laughed, it's just so bizarre. That must've been one horribly smelling car. I can't even imagine. Like a little box of baking soda was gonna help kill the smell of zombies. :lol:


Babeasaurus Sex
Wtaf!? I just dont understand how people don't notice that a woman is driving around with a corpse in their car.....

Strange strange strange!


Some people are dumb. If you are innocent, call the cops or something. They will do an autopsy and you will be cleared. On the other hand, if you smothered a homeless woman and used her to drive in the carpool lane, then well, probably not so much. Haha.


A Darker Knight
Maybe they thought it was a prop or something. A corpse would be the last thing I'd think a person would be carrying around


Babeasaurus Sex
ROFLMAO!!! Some peeps will do anything to get on the HOV lane......

I wish I could rep you right now!


Registered Member
I wish I had watched more news on this, but I only heard bits and pieces.
It reminded me of the story of the little old 90 year old lady who lived in Ohio....who couldn't bear to part with her sister after she died.
So she had someone help her dig up her dead sister, and bring the dead corpse back to her home, where she kept it for years!
I know it's a silly stupid story......the one I told and the OP's.....but I can't help but feel sadness....maybe they really couldn't feel they could part with the dead person, so they kept them......weirder things have happened.


Registered Member
omg! scary! and bizarre. i don't understand why people do this, those who have gone have gone...let go of them. holding their corpses back will not do any good. that's how it is.


EWWW I can't imagine driving the car with a dead body right next to me. It's disgusting and I don't believe the man when he says he found her dead.
If you know that you're innocent, no one can blame you.


Haters gonna hate.
That's epically gross but oddly hilarious at the same time.