Wolves' Garnett Working On Extending Range


Aw, Here It Goes!
In the PIONEER PRESS, Rick Alonzo writes that "here's something that might be of interest to Timberwolves fans who wish all-star Kevin Garnett would post up on the low block and stay there." The 7 foot Garnett "spent time this summer practicing his three-point shooting." Garnett "was perhaps the team's best three-point shooter during a drill earlier this week in training camp. He had streaks of four and five in a row, outshooting most guards in the drill." While no one "knows how much Garnett actually might shoot threes in games, coach Dwane Casey has confidence in his franchise player."


Sultan of Swat
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Well we already knew that he could shoot the three, it's already in is repotoir, but he didn't use it a lot because he couldn't hit those 4-5 but now that he's practicing on it, then it means, he'll surely will use a lot more when he's playing, which is scary if he starts hitting those.