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I think that wolverine origins was a great foundation for a sequel, although I don't think it should be called wolverine blah blah blah...

If you've seen it, well then you know...

If you haven't then
The movie gives some new characters to xmen and with the origins it gives a chance to develop the originals characters better but without feeling like we have seen it already... I feel that is it a lot like the new batmans ya know? Maybe not as good, but same concept I think


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I liked X men Origins. But I don't think they should have Wolverines name in it I think it should just be X men Origins. That thing that I really think should be in the sequel is the explanation of Wolverines natural mutant powers like how he never ages or dies even after he gets shot (which is in the Comic). I don't know about the Samurai story line though.


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From what I heard they'd already started planning it in the last few weeks. Personally after watching the first I have mixed feelings, if you make the same mistake of not building up the characters again then forget it.

I'd assume this will be a story predominantly about his time in Japan so assume it'll involve Yuriko (Lady Deathstrike), Silver Samurai, maybe they work Omega Red in there somehow, heck maybe they can do something with his time in Alpha Flight.


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I also dont know why they called this X-Men Origins Wolverine, but saying that he is pretty much the main charactor in the X-Men films.

I did here that the is suppose to be a X-Men Origins Magneto but I dont know where the source is I only heard it in another forum where the poster didnt post a link. But TBH I dont think there is a need to do a film based on Magneto because his back story is revieled in the trilogy anyway.