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Wolfenstein 2009, sequel?


Registered Member
The 2009 game wolfenstein, is it really a sequel? i is just intitled wolfenstein and judging by the plot i havent seen a lot of things that discuss the previous games. i havent played this game yet but i just want to know if youve never touch wolfenstein before does it matter and is this game really a sequel? thx


Registered Member
The game is a Sequal to Return To Castle Wolfeinstein, but the story is really muddled up, and it has some annoying parts to the game.

I got it when it was released it's a good game but no were as good as Return to Castle Wolfenstein, i would say Safe your money, and get BioShock 1 & 2 instead.

You don't need to play the others to understand it, but would help during particlar parts off the story.