Wocheck out how this bank robber was caught!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by garetvet44, May 7, 2005.

  1. garetvet44

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    The technology we have nowdays.... :lol:

    CINCINNATI - Police say modern technology foiled an old-fashioned bank robbery. A teller placed an electronic Global Positioning System device in a bag of stolen money, allowing police to track down a suspect in just 42 minutes Thursday.

    "Around here (GPS) is still relatively rare," Hamilton County sheriff's office spokesman Steve Barnett said. "But with the advancement in technology and the continued success of catching bank robbers, soon I would hope that other financial institutions would jump on board."

    Authorities said that after William Ingram, 46, left a U.S. Bank in suburban Colerain Township, the GPS device tracked him to a car dealership in Hartwell, where he was returning a Honda that he had borrowed for a test drive but actually used as a getaway car.

    When Ingram was confronted, money began spilling from his pockets, officials said.

  2. jordanaw

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    I love it! I have no respect for stupid criminals :)
  3. iowamommy77

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    I dont understand why anyone would rob a bank. (well i do but YKWIM) why wouldn't they look into the bag? :alien:

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