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WM- Sell for 10%


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I'm calling Washington Mutual short to $40 per share by the end of the quarter. (Just to be safe)

The options are $1.50 per share for $42.50 strike puts. I think that its worth a short as the technicals are pointing that way. By April WM will be near $40 per share.

Lets see in April. :D


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Andrew said:
Do you own shares? What are they doing right now that is effecting the price?
I'm short with options.

Its nothing fundamental at all. I'm 100% technical trader. I know as little about WM as everyone else.


not a plastic bag
Just off the cuff, sounds like a solid call. The housing market has finally cooled off and WM is going to be affected by any downturns in mortgages. Should put a damper on anything financial for the 1st half of the year at least. I think manufacturing and metals are the way to go for the immediate future.


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The whole market was down today though. Could rebound over the weekend for Monday's opening. Are you using option trading with WM?