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Without further ado...


Hell, It's about time!
And by the suggestion of Nightsurfer here is my current gun collection. What I have pictured are just stock photos, and not the actual guns themselves. Above each picture I have described the gun, it's use, and any historical facts about it.

Edit: A few of these rifles have made it into the top 10 combat rifles list. I've included a video next to the rifle.

Enjoy :)

The first gun I have here is a Savage Arms .22 caliber. This rifle I have primarily for hunting small game. It's also a good plinker gun. It uses cheap .22 ammo and has no recoil.

My second gun is my Taurus PT111 Pro. This is the gun I carry when I want something that is easily concealable. Generally I don't carry it, or it just sits in the car console on outings.

The next gun is my primary carry gun. Meaning this is the gun I tote around with me daily. It is a .45 caliber handgun and is very reliable. I rarely shoot it as .45 ammo is rather expensive.

This next gun is the one I bought my wife last Christmas. I rarely use it, shoot it or carry it. This is what my wife carries. It generally is the gun she has available when I am not home.

This next one is my personal favorite. No gun collection is complete without an AK-47. I have it for a few reasons, primarily for self defense if things get really sticky. The AK-47 is a very durable and reliable gun. It is also a blast to shoot having relatively cheap ammo. Another fun fact is it is the number 1 combat rifle of all time

The next gun is a Kel-Tec P3AT. It is no larger then a regular $1 dollar bill and easily fits into one's pocket. Also known as a pocket gun, it's good for deep concealment such as a place like work where it would be hard to conceal by traditional means.

This next gun has some historical facts about it. It was the main firearm used in WW2 by the American GI and was rated the number 4 combat rifle of of all time (which can be viewed in my profile). It is a very reliable firearm and is very accurate. Link

The next firearm is the modern version of the Garand pictured above. The M4A1 is the standard Army issue rifle in today's army. I purchased it due to a possible "assault weapons" ban just to be sure I had one. It shoots a .223 caliber round. This gun is a just because gun. It's fun to shoot, yet due to its complexity in break down I rarely shoot it. The M4 is very similar to the M-16 and AR-15. The M-16 was the number 2 combat rifle of all time. The M4 is not much different then it.

The next gun is my home defense gun. I also use it to hunt waterfowl and turkey. I normally keep 12 gauge slugs in it and have it next to the bed at night. It kicks like crazy and is very fun to shoot.

This next one is also a 12 gauge. It was my first 12 gauge. I really have no use for it except to give it to my son when he is older. It sits in the safe most of the time.

This next one is not really a gun. It's an air rifle but is super handy for getting rid of unwanted critters quietly. It's also a great way to practice shooting a rifle in the basement without making a whole lot of noise.

This next rifle is my primary hunting rifle. It uses a .270 caliber round which is a happy median for most mid to large sized game such as deer, elk and moose. I generally don't shoot it unless I am sighting it in or hunting. The rest of the year it sits in the safe.

This next one I just got. I am yet to shoot it, but I know its a great rifle. It shoots the same ammo as my AK-47 above and is similar to the M1 above as well. It is a Chinese military "Communist" gun. I wanted to get it due to the fact that it will be on the possible AWB chopping block. There is something about having a "Red Rifle" that seems cool. I have a feeling this one will be my favorite.

The next gun has just about as much history as the one above. This was the main German battle rifle in WW2. German snipers used this gun due to its great accuracy. It chambers a 8mm round and is bolt action. The one I have is a variant to the German version, but is not all that different then the original 98K Mauser. It also was the number 6 combat rifle of all time

The next gun was my first handgun. It's a Tanfaglio EAA Witness. It was my primary carry gun for some time until I purchased my Glock. I still have it because it is reliable, and is a blast to shoot at the range. With it's large capacity magazine it is also a good gun to stop a threat quickly.

There are a few more rifles I want to get and will add to this list as I get them. Thanks for your time. :)
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Registered Member
That is some collection pro,is it M4A1 that you planning on getting all the bits for,i seem to recall another thread with a rifle like that model that you wanted to get modified.


Son of Liberty
Well since you did it in that fashion... heres some of my collection:

This was my very first personal rifle. My dad gave it to me as a gift for Christmas and its been my favorite "Game" Rifle ever since.

if there's one abundance of Rifles in my families safes its the Winchester 30-30. I own this particular model and I believe there are at least 3-4 other variants in there also. But the Win94 is mine ;)

just a hand me down Revolver, dont remember exactly when I was given it.

Bought it in 2006 use it primarily for Coyotes and target shooting. On mine Ive got an Offbrand Red Dot scope I got from Big5.

Given to me as a birthday present in 2007. I hardly use it, but its there if I ever get tired of using my .308.

Was a "raffle gun" my dad won in 2005, he is not a fan of glock style ergonomic pistols so I swooped in and bought it from him for a family discount :D

The 12 Gauge was a birthday present in 2004 and then in 2006 I bought the 16 gauge so that it would be easier for my Girlfriend to handle. (yes thats two of the same style gun, different gauges though)

bought this from my cousin who was needing some money who had originally bought this to back up my dads Cannon.... lol a similar model but in .444, yes three 4's... its a very large round.

I would take RL pics of those but they are currently locked away in the safe and I'm to lazy to retrieve them. However! I do in fact have these two readily available to take pics of, the first is my pride and joy Pistol:

and the next is just a Co2 Pellet pistol I got on sale at Big5 and the laser from Ebay.



Hell, It's about time!
Ice... nice collection, but I can tell you're in Cali by the lack of "cool" guns :) You know I gotta pick.


Son of Liberty
oh and you can add this one to....

needs the note: Bought Before Pro2A 2009 :hah:


Son of Liberty
if its a bet I can make it happen tonight :hah: but I'll wait 'till Valentines most likely to get mine... I get my Girlfriend a pair of fuzzy boots and she gets me a Russian Rifle lmao sounds fair right?

oh and while I was sitting here semi-bored I pulled out some of my fixed blade knife collection. There are only 4 bayonets in this pic, the rest are mostly just hunting or collector knives. The only switchblades are the ones in the box in the middle, I got those about a week ago christmas shopping. The zippo in the top left corner is for size association ;).

Pro is the gun guy... I'll happily be the knife guy... so please note this is probably only about 1/4th of my whole knife collection.