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With your help, they can smile again...


Sally Twit

Clean hair is essential for life, but one in eight people are ginger.
By supporting us, your regular donation could help change the lives of millions of gingers, starting today.

Just £2 a month could help these men buy enough hair dye so that they too can walk down the street with their heads held high.



For a Free Scotland
Too forced, 1 1/2 stars.

Try again.


Where is my Queen?
I can't afford another monthly fee Bliss, no matter how small it is. Let's just chip in and buy them a razor so they can shave their face and head and call it a day.


Registered Member
Perhaps burlap sacks could do the trick? Not to put over their heads though, but to put over everyone else's. Why should gingers have to cover up because of the rest of the world's intolerance?

That might put a smile on their dials then...