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  1. EndWinterRomance

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    Say you where having the house to yourself for a week and you decided to have a little get together that got out of hand. All of your friends show up and things start to get out of control. what do you do?

    do you know which of your friends would help get things under control?
    which friends would wreak havoc?
    What would you say to get everything under control?

  2. ysabel

    ysabel /ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5

    I'd know exactly which friends would help get things under control.

    The ones who'd probably wreak havoc are my other friends who can get a bit crazy when they've drunk too much.

    I just get angry. Then they know they must have seriously done something wrong and that usually makes them behave more properly. The problem is, if they're too drunk to notice or process information... :lol:
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  3. Babe_Ruth

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    I would talk to all my real friends, ask them if they can help me out with this problem and kick out everyone that is causing havoc in my house. I'd probably have more real friends then outsider at this party anyways, so we would out number them, so it wouldn't be that hard to get them out.
  4. Syndicate

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    Our parents don't live here, so we are the havoc in this house! Crayon doodles on the walls, alcomoholpops and rock music. It all goes down here.

    As our friends are mostly mature and self controlled now. I'd have to go back a few years to answer this. Pretty much all my best mates went through stereotypical teenage rebellion and pushed the limits, on the occasions when it was asking to happen. We just made sure we wasn't anywhere that it'd matter. I josh, really, they weren't so bad. They kept themselves in line and respected each others place of residence. It was other people they didn't always respect, sadly. The worst behavior came when everyone went out. I had one buddy (er, acquaintance*) who enjoyed collecting car badges and would literally randomly walk over and rip the bloody things off right in front of us.

    I wasn't exactly the lawbringer but everyone usually listened to myself or each other when needed. A little common sense in the ear worked a treat.
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  5. Nightsurfer

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    If you knew my folks you would never pull a stunt like that. That is a One way ticket to Military School (No Joke)

    But for the sake of discussion.

    If I threw a party and it got out of hand, I would call the cops on my own party.
    As for friend who help out, I'm afraid I would be on my own. Most of my friends would cut and run as soon as the cops showed up.

    I learned early on that you don't throw the bash at your house, you throw it at someone else's house.
  6. Vidic15

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    First of all, I wouldn't call over the friends that I know that would create a havoc.
  7. LadyPinky

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    Same. I would have a small get together of my closest friends. Or have someone of the opposite sex sleep over for fun times.
  8. Major

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    What if there was underage drinking? That would get your arrested.

    Like a few others have said, I wouldn't invite anyone who I thought might wreak havoc, but if for some reason it did happen, I know my close friends would have my back and help me get them out.
  9. Bliss

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    When I was younger I used to have a friend that my mum hated. I could only ever invite her round when my parents were out but she'd always do something to the house that my mum would notice. It used to annoy me as I got on really well with her but she was so annoying. She actually broke a couple of things in my house which my mum never forgave me for.

    I never invited people round for a party because of something my older sister did many years ago. On the day her and her school friends finished their exams she decided to invite them all over for a big party as my parents were still at work.
    When I came in from school (my parents weren't due back for another few hours) there was someone throwing up on the doorstep, someone pee'ing out of the front bedroom window (disgusting I know) and I could hear my sister yelling at someone... I slowly walked into my living room and saw someone with a knife cutting the material off our sofa. It was absolute chaos and I just laughed because I knew how much shit my sister was going to get into.
    I don't actually know what was said because I made myself scarce.
  10. ChromaticMike

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    LMFAO. My sister invited a load of people round once because she just had the house to herself. I can't exactly remember all of it since I was very young, but one person broke our toilet. Literally. ^^

    If I had done that, I would have just made it worse by chucking water at them all until they got out, maybe chuck bottles aswell! If they broke anything valuable, depending on which friend, I'd start chucking bricks.
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