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Wisdom Teeth


Sultan of Swat
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Who here still has there Wisdom Teeth? If you still have them, did the dentist ever require you to get them removed?

If you had your wisdom teeth removed, how long were you pain for? Did the doctor freeze you before removing your teeth?

I still have my wisdom teeth, but the dentist as told that I should removed them. I'll probably eventually get them removed, but as of right now, I don't see the need to do so.


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I have 2 left and if they start coming in they have to get cut out because there is no room for them. When the bottom 2 finally started coming in in my late 20s one of them was wrapped around a nerve so I was in pain, half of my face was numb and I could close my jaw until they got it out. Then I was out for a week on pain meds and really still couldn't eat solid foods for about a month after the surgery because I woke up in the middle of it like I usually do because general anesthesia like that doesn't keep me down and I'm allergic to Novacaine, etc so they can't use it on me.


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I still have mine. I haven't visited the dentist for quite some time so I don't know if it still should be there. Why did your dentist want yours removed?


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I still have mine, my dentist said I should be fine, but who knows really. I'm sure if I went to a different dentist they'd want to take them out.


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It depends mostly on whether you use them or not. The dentist says I use mine, so he doesn't take them out. They rot easily though, I've had two of them filled by now. I'm kinda worried about one of them though, it has grown outwards, so that one may have to get out after all.
Wisdom teeth are nothing but trouble...


Living on the 0th floor
I had mine out a few years ago because my bottom ones were growing in crooked and pushing all of my teeth together and my top ones were upside down somehow lol...

They put me under general aneathesia so I remember before I fell asleep and I remember waking up.

It was sore afterward but it was bearable.

the worst part for me was in the morning because I guess my mouth would get really dry at night and that is when it would get painful. So I would wake up take a pain pill, go back to sleep, and wake up feeling better.


I am the edge!
I still have mine. My dentist is all for taking them out just so they don't cause problems in the future...but I think I'll wait until there actually are problems before I get them removed. I had four teeth pulled when I was younger and that was more than enough for me.


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I still have my wisdom teeth. The dentist recommended I have them removed like 6 or 7 years ago, but I never did.


I still have mine. The dentist never said anything about them the last time I went, so I guess they weren't a problem. I have one that is very crooked and if I did get them out they would need to cut open my cheek or something. Eek!


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Don't have them anymore. Got them taken out my senior in high school. None had erupted yet. I had braces and they were worried about them pushing my teeth out of place. They had to break them up and pick the pieces out of my jaw bones. Thankfully I was totally under when they did it. But general anesthesia makes my puke when I come out of it and I learned I'm mildly allergic to Vicaden they gave me so I could not take that either. So it was soft foods for me for about a week after.