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Wisdom teeth...


Likes snow
My friend is getting his wisdom teeth taken out friday. It's things like this that make me happy that I won't ever get them.
My ex-gf got hers removed....she refused to let me see her for like a week cuz her cheeks were swollen! I was like, I'll still find you beautiful and realize the swelling is temporary, but she still said no....


AKA Ass-Bandit
I must be lucky, I haven't had any problems with my wisdom teeth yet.


Likes snow
I still have mine
Well I hope they don't cause you problems.

I'm one of those lucky enough that they simply don't exist, which I probably get from my dad.

I actually have two cousins with six wisdom teeth each, and my sister has three growing in.


Registered Member
I had my wisedom teeth removed....

man i was in pain....
(well not really i was knocked up on pain killers..)


Mine are coming in, but I don't have dental insurance anymore.
I also have a cavity that needs filling badly, I can't afford a dentist but advil has become my new best friend.

Shit blows.