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Wirless Router Problem


Registered Member
Hey Does anyone else have a wireless router problem where sometimes it screws up your DSL/Cable connection and the only way to get back to connected is to power down everything?(Modem, Router, Comp)

I have a Linksys and so does my GF. She actually told me that a guy from BestBuy told her to shut it all down for 15 seconds because her's does the same thing. I did it and the problem was fixed. I think it is rather annoying and I just got this wireless router so I can play my DS and so my family can hook up with their laptops.

Is it just Linksys or anyone else ever have this happen?


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Staff member
That happened with my Cable modem and wired router a while ago. It used to happen a lot but ever since getting a new cable modem it hasn't happened for over a year. I'd say it could be a cable modem going bad. That's been my experience with what sounds like your isue.


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Routers are my least favourite part of setting up computers, you could check the manafacturas (sc) website, see if they have a forum specific to your router model (most sites do) and see if anyone else is having a problem like it.

Or put your router name and model into google as well as a few keywords like what problem you are having (ie, Lynksis G5600 shutdown freeze)


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I have a Linksys router thing and ever since I got it I get signed off AIM at random times. The computer upstairs has a wireless connection and it gets disconnected all the time. I've never had to power everything down to get it reconnected though.


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my AIM has been signing on and off randomly too, so i just might be AIM.

as for the router problems, my best suggestion is to goto the makers website and download the newest version of firmware. when installed restart your computer and router, hopefully that will fix any problems you have.

[ note: updating your firmware will restore the router back to factory settings, so you'd have to set up your wireless network again and open/forward ports again ]


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I had a lot of problems with my old wireless router. It was a DLink. It would keep quitting. I'd have to reset everything to get it to work. I had to reset the thing at least once a half hour. I wonder if it was something around interfering with it. But why should I have to reset it.

It finally puked out on me, so now I have a Belkin. It seems to be working WAY better than the DLink *knock on wood*.