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rainbow 11!
So my computer has wireless internet built in, and we wanna get the Wii on it, but no one in this family has had any experience with setting it up.

Anyone wanna help? (I have tons of threads in this section lol)


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Hmm if its anything like setting up the PS3 on a wireless connection you need to have your WEP code off your Router or connection.

Then from there most these next gen consols are pretty easy about setting connections up.


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your computer having built in wireless isn't going to help.

You need a wireless router.

If you don't have one of these, this is the first step, but I think it'd be easier just to buy the adapter to have hard wired internet if you don't already have a wireless router.

Setting up the wii if you do have a wireless router can be really easy.
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rainbow 11!
I'm pretty sure it has a built in router, Dave.

And Ice, thank you so much! I now just gotta set the router up! :] Half of my work is completed.


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No computers have the wireless router built in, you'll have to buy a wireless router to connect to your modem. After that it's as easy as finding the wireless network and clicking connect since you have the wireless receiver built into your computer. At first your wireless network is going to be unprotected which is fine unless your worried about people hijacking the connection or people picking up on the information your sending. To put a protection on the network you just get the code number from the router packet and set the password for the network information to be encrypted.