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Hardware Wireless electricity? It's here.


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Wireless electricity? It's here - CNN.com

Yep. They finally managed to get this to work properly. Something Tesla thought of a very long time ago, someone has managed to actually do it.

Technically it doesn't send a current through the air but rather a magnetic field.

To be quite honest there are some things such as a television, stereo, etc. that I really don't care about having to plug it in, never bothered me once. I suppose this will give you the option to put your TV somewhere where there isn't a plug though such as in the backyard or in the middle of a room rather than up against the wall.

The only thing I can see this being truly useful for would be vacuuming. Nothing is more annoying than those stupid cords they put on a vacuum. They're always too short and you always want to go farther than the cord will allow you to go. I suppose it would also be nice to have unlimited laptop and phone power though. I really don't mind plugging things in but this is the future.

One thing I'm concerned about is efficiency. How efficient is this compared to regular electricity from an outlet?

Another concern is that this uses the same type of field as Wifi. Number one, that sounds like it's going to kill my wireless network. Number two, that also sounds dangerous. Plants don't grow near wifi routers, I wonder why... Being constantly exposed to a strong magnetic field like that seems a bit scary.


Free Spirit
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I think it would be great not to have to look at all the high line wires. They are always in the way when you want to take a picture plus they are vulnerable to adverse weather. It would also be nice to place lamps, etc where you want to and not where you have to.

However if its like a router which harms plants who knows what it would do to humans, or a fetus, exposed long term.


Creeping On You
I'm a little leery of the magnetic waves too. However, its still super cool. Can you imagine never having to charge your phone because there's electrical pulsators or whatever all over the place? On a bus, in your car etc. Crazy cool.