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Wired vs. Wireless Keyboard/Mouse


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I've seen both sides of this debate before. I used a wireless mouse and keyboard for ages but I got tired of having to change the batteries while having to keep a large stock of them around. I recently switched to a wired set from Logitech and I don't think I'll ever go back. They're much more responsive. I have a feeling they'll be more reliable in the long run, also.


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I much prefer a laptop and I use the keyboard it comes with. I like to sit with it on my lap a lot of the time. I also like to mouse being connected because it's just easier to find, especially if it's dark. I sit in the dark a lot when I am on the computer.


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I started using a wireless mouse a few years ago, and I like it way better than the wired mouse I had before. The wire was always getting caught up on something. I don't really game on my PC though, so I can't comment on responsiveness, but it's perfectly fine for what I use it for. The batteries lasted for like two years before I finally had to change them recently.

I've always used a wired keyboard. I don't move my keyboard around very much, so the wire has never bothered me at all.


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I like having a wired keyboard, mostly because I never have to change the batteries. I actually have a wireless keyboard that came with my mouse, I used it for a while and got tired of it. I don't need to be walking around with my keyboard and I don't like to put it on my lap.

I do like my wireless mouse and wouldn't trade it for anything at this point (it's fairly simple, but I like simple for stuff like this). I have a corded mouse for my laptop and that works well enough for me.

Overall though.

Keyboard - Wired
Mouse - Wireless


I use a wireless mouse with my laptop. I HATE using the track pad. I don't have the same problem with a wired mouse as I do with a wired controller, but it's still a pain in the ass. I don't like to be tied down! Haha.


Free Spirit
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I use a wired mouse and keyboard. I use a wireless at my sons house and when the battery goes dead I hate changing it. I don't like to be bothered by that so I will stick to wired.


I've had both a lot but I think I prefer wired since I don't like to change batteries. My current keyboard is wired, and mouse is wireless. That's what I had to get at the time.


I use a wireless set (keyboard & mouse) from Logitech. (Easy call set)
I've bought rechargeable batteries so that I don't have to keep around a bunch of batteries, Steve.

Keyboard's batteries need to be changed once every 6 months while mouse's batteries need to be changed once every 2-3 months.

I'm not bothered by this frequency. I'd never go back to a wired set.


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I prefer having wired since I don't have to worry about charging or running out of power mid games. Also I find the response time to be a lot better.


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Wireless mouse on desktop and laptop as I HATE the trackpad and have it turned off on my laptop. I used a wired keyboard because I use an ergonomic one.